Mitt Romney Has Had A Better Year Than Obama, And George H.W. Bush Joins Twitter: In Other News

Well, he's not president of the United States, but he's sure had a relaxing year. According to a BuzzFeed list that details the past year of Mitt Romney's life, Romney's spent his post-loss year sledding with his grandkids, appearing on daytime TV to cook food, hitting up sports games, and spending an awful lot of time in tropical paradise. Meanwhile, President Obama is still frantically defending the debacle, recovering from the government shutdown, and not-so-secretly looking forward to life post-office. Well, you win some, you lose some, eh, guys?

In very different news, a woman in Georgia has suffered a bunch of injuries after becoming glued — literally, with glue — to her toilet seat. Happens all the time.

Turns out that cats do recognize your voice. They just pretend not to.

The New York MTA will write "late passes" for employees when their ride into work is delayed. D'aw.

George H.W. Bush has joined Twitter, and his first-ever post honors the late Nelson Mandela.

Look, some mountain goats run for their lives after an avalanche threatens to engulf them! Will they make it?

Refuge du Roc de la Pêche on YouTube

Clue: We probably wouldn't be showing you the video if they didn't make it.

A guy posted an image of his wife's age-old school photo to the Internet, and a new meme has been born. It's called "The 60-year-old girl."

Finally, here's a (dubbed) video of Obama singing "Jingle Bells."

Maker Music on YouTube