Signs Teresa Will Return To 'RHONJ'

It’s no secret that we haven’t heard much in the way of Teresa Giudice lately because she’s been doing time. But what may come as a surprise, is that a source told Us Weekly, that once she’s out of prison, Teresa Giudice will return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey and take her place in front of the cameras once again. While you may be confused about this alleged news — I mean, she is still currently in prison — it actually would make a lot of sense.

If you were in Giudice's shoes, you might choose something different for your post-jail life. A scandal like the one she and her family had to face would probably send some people into indefinite obscurity. But, to be fair, everyone handles things in their own way and whatever way is right for her is what's right. If her family’s statements in the past year have meant anything, it’s that they have a lot they want to prove to the public, so perhaps Giudice's return is a positive thing. Maybe, she thinks if she shied away from fame after being released, that fans would be left with sullied image of her. Who could blame her for wanting to turn that around?

Here are four more signs that Teresa Giudice may return to RHONJ:

1. She's Tweeted From Prison Multiple Times, Keeping Her Fans Engaged

She's upholding the mutual love with her above-and-beyond appreciation.

2. Andy Cohen Has Spoken Out About Her

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cohen said to Entertainment Weekly, "She seems like she is OK. She definitely has not lost her sense of humor which I really admire. She’s really funny in her emails."

If there's one thing Andy Cohen is not, it's a liar. Prison can definitely break people, but I'll take his word for it when he says that she's kept her spunk.

3. She Specifically Chose To Email Cohen

Cohen also explained to EW, "There’s a special prison [email] system. She has to request you. You get a request saying, 'There is a prisoner requesting that you join up to this system.' Then you have to fill out all this stuff, your social security, all this information. Then you get approved by the system and then once you’re approved, you have to log on and then you can email this person."

The Real Housewives king is an interesting person to keep in contact with, don't you think?

4. Her Marriage Has Also Been Widely Talked About

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Because of the rumors of divorce, it'd make sense that Giudice would want to clear things up — one way or another — on screen. Even though her lawyer already told E! Online, "She is not filing for divorce. She is not even contemplating it." It has to be frustrating not being able to talk things out in a public forum like she's accustomed to.

I suppose time will tell, but it seems like we'll see Tre back on our screens soon enough.