Tyra Banks Wore $13 Shoes From Payless

After assuring fans that she is nothing but raw and real by posting makeup-free selfies to her Instagram account, Tyra Banks wore a pair of $13 shoes from Payless to producer Jennifer Klein’s annual Day of Shopping party in L.A Monday night. Pairing these bargain sandals with a black tube-top jumpsuit, Banks has not only proven herself relatable, but her style affordable as well.

Growing up I was always taught that just because you have the money doesn’t mean you have to spend it. There is no doubt that this former Victoria’s Secret Angel is storing a few designer stilettos in her closet, but what sets her apart from other celebs is her overall humble attitude when it comes to shopping outside the realm of Prada and Louboutin.

“My shoes were $20 from Payless and actually only $13 because it was the end-of-summer sale,” the America’s Next Top Model host told InStyle. “I went in and bought myself four pairs of shoes. I don’t play. And my friends were like, ‘Oh my gosh, are those the new Pradas?’ And I’m like, ‘If you want them to be, sure!’”

Take it from the runway legend herself — fashion is less about what you wear than how you wear it.

From ditching makeup, to pursing her lips in a selfie, to wearing footwear that wouldn't be categorized as particularly high-end, Banks has shown her fans that behind the makeup artistry and brand name clothing, she is every bit the "raw and real woman" she says she is. Check out seven other times Banks was almost as relatable as your best friend.

1. Makeup On Fleek

Banks feels my pain when it comes to taking off our makeup, especially at the end of a day when the cosmetics were on point. The struggle is real.

2. No Filter

Life isn't filtered. Instagram is. There is a difference, and it's always refreshing when a celebrity makes it known that they are a real person with real imperfections.

3. All Dolled Up

That being said, most of us take time out of our morning routine to get glam for the day.

4. Family First

Banks posts the occasional photo of herself alongside a family member. Above you'll find the retired model with her grannie. Selfies with g-ma are the best.

5. Juicer

A girls gotta get her fix, am I right? Yes, both drinks are for her.

6. Beauty Sleep

Everyone needs it, even a top model.

7. Birthday Treats

Tyra Banks eats ice cream. I repeat, AMERICA'S TOP MODEL EATS ICE CREAM. Nothing is more realistic or refreshing than that.