Chrissy Teigen's Samsung Commercial Is Body Pos

Some super models just kill it in the body positivity department. Chrissy Teigen’s Samsung commercial mentions her stretch marks, so you can see what I mean when I say she radiates such a body positive attitude. Anyone who can embrace his or her body this much is a winner in my book.

The commercial highlights Samsung’s S6 edge + and the Note 5, but she's leaning towards the S6 edge + because of its high-performance capabilities and HD screen. A screen with such good quality you can zoom in to see Teigen’s stretch marks, as the model herself points out in the commercial. Not only is she impressed by the phone’s ability to highlight them, she totally embraces them saying, “Whatever, I’ve earned my tiger stripes.” Isn’t that such a beautiful thing? I never thought I’d get so emotional over a phone commercial, and then this was released. Teigen’s gone and stolen my heart again!

This isn’t the first time she’s killed it with her body positivity in such a public way. She’s loving her body on social media all of the time. From balancing a plate of chicken wings on her backside to showing off her “tiger stripes” Teigen is a body positive goddess. Take a look at her latest commercial, plus seven times she’s promoted loving your body on social media.

See what I mean. She's pretty cool, right?

1. Chowing Down

She isn't afraid to chow down on social media.

2. Fried Chicken

She'll do unspeakable things for fried chicken, and I mean, who wouldn't?

3. Chicken Butt

Oh yeah, and she serves chicken off of her rear end.

4. No Photoshop

Posing sans Photoshop is such a power move.

5. Face Mask

Teigen's not afraid to go behind-the-scenes with her beauty routine.

6. Workout

Her workout socks have donuts on them because that's why I really go to the gym — so I can have one more donut, you feel me?

7. Tiger Stripes

And last but not least, those infamous tiger stripes.

So much self-love. Next time I see that Samsung commercial... pass me the tissues!