5 Jojoba Oil Masks To Make At Home

by Jessica Willingham

Oils are the new thing in the beauty world and there's a good chance (if it hasn't already) that oil will be entering your beauty routine at some point soon. Here's a great way to begin: with these 5 easy jojoba oil masks you can make at home, so you don't have to spend big bucks at the makeup counter or the spa for perfect skin and hair.

First of all, let's answer the FAQ: what's the need for oil? I'm about to blow your mind, ladies. Oil is an excellent moisturizer—even olive oil. It can also remove makeup like nothing else. It's all natural, and therefore totally safe for your skin. Many women believe because they may have combination or oily skin, they can't use oil on their face. Believe it or not, acne isn't caused by moisture—it's often caused by dryness which is huge skin stressor. The more moisturized your skin, the better it can fend off acne.

Jojoba oil is produced from the seeds of a shrub from the southwestern U.S., and is used widely in cosmetics. The pure oil itself can be used on your skin, hair, or cuticles as a restorative moisturizer. It will also work hard to erase acne marks and heal damage.

Here are some simple DIY jojoba oil masks you can make at home, which will save both money and your skin. A beauty win-win!

1. For Damaged Hair

Jojoba oil leaves damaged hair with a non-greasy, gorgeous shine. This DIY mist will leave your hair happy.

2. For Your Face

It's called the Cupcake mask. Enough has been said.

3. For Removing Makeup

Worried about oil being too heavy? It floats ontop of water, and won't strip your skin of essential oils. Just swap any oil in a DIY video - like avocado or coconut - for jojoba.

4. For Acne Prone Skin

Any oil is great, but jojoba is perfect for acne prone skin.

5. For Natural Hair

Jojoba oil is the closest imitation of your scalp's natural oils—no other oil comes as close.

Image: @ahava/Instagram