Will Hayley Atwell Be Doctor Who?

Move over, gentlemen, here's a new timelord in town! Or at least there would be, if Hayley Atwell had her way. Atwell wants to be Doctor Who, she told a fan during a Twitter Q&A, and she could be the female timelord Doctor Who needs. (And should she land the role down the road, here are five things she should remember about being the timelord.)

Of course, the discussion surrounding a female Doctor Who has been going on for quite some time. It's not surprising, given that in the show's history there have been 12 male timelords and exactly zero female timelords.

Back in 2014, the 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi told SFX, "There easily could be a female Doctor. I think the next time might be a female Doctor. I don’t see why not. I think it’s good to do that."

There's no time like the present to get the ball rolling on modernizing the show. Since we already know Atwell's on board, Doctor Who just needs to make things official. (After Capaldi's run, of course.) Should you still be on the fence about Atwell as Doctor Who, here's seven reasons why she would be amazing in the iconic role.

1. She Doesn't Settle

Why be on Doctor Who when you can be Doctor Who?

2. She Can Front A TV Show

Case in point: Agent Carter.

3. She's Already A Member Of The Doctor Who Family

In 2006, Atwell voiced a character on the audio drama Doctor Who: Blood of the Daleks.

4. This Would Begin To Remedy The Lack Of Female Doctors

We've to start somewhere, right?

5. She Could Channel Peggy Carter

Smart, tough, and still feminine? I can see it.

6. It Never Hurts To Have Another Empowering Female Character

And there's no doubt that's exactly what a female timelord would be.

7. The Internet Is Already On Board

Seriously. People want this to happen so much.

Images: Hayley Atwell/ Twitter; Giphy (6)