Why Are Republican Women Supporting Donald Trump?

Donald Trump has been polling well among Republican voters over the summer, and now new polling data shows that he's not only polling well with the conservative base overall, but that specifically he's popular among Republican women. Despite the fact that Trump has said many crass and rude things about a variety of women, including conservative television darling Megyn Kelly, Republican women are saying that they are pretty likely to vote for Trump over other Republican presidential candidates. Gallup released data on Monday revealing that Trump is polling 50 percent favorably among Republican women, trailing only Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee, who are both polling 53 percent favorably with women. The Donald hasn't exactly positioned himself as a female-friendly candidate over the course of his campaign so far, so what exactly are pro-Trump women saying about Trump?

A Reuters/Ipsos poll last week actually put Donald Trump at the very top of the Republican pile among women, saying that 20 percent of Republican women would vote for Trump in November. Given these numbers, one doesn't have to look too far on the net to find women speaking out in favor of Trump. Some are even gaining a lot of attention for their pro-Trump statements. Here are some of the most notable words from women in support of the Donald.

Stump For Trump Sisters

These two women have gained some notoriety online for their enthusiastic defense of Donald Trump against some of his critics, including Montel Williams and Lindsay Graham. They also have praised him for being the only candidate who would "secure that damn border."

Women 4 Trump

There's at least one Twitter account entirely dedicated to women who would like the opportunity to elect Donald Trump as the next president of the U.S. The @Women4Trump account currently has 714 followers.

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter has been pretty outspoken about her support of Trump, particularly his immigration plan.

And Even More


Reuters reported that various women were quick to defend and continue their support for Trump even after he made a comment about Megyn Kelly, ostensibly saying that she was tough on him during the Republican debate she was menstruating. In defense of her preferred candidate, Kelly Ray told Reuters:

I like how disgusted he is in how things are right now. I'm not fed up with Donald Trump. I'm fed up with Barack Obama.

Angie Brodie told the news wire:

He's a little rough around the edges because he goes against the grain.

Specifically speaking about the menstruation comment targeted at Kelly, Lori Pesta, who created the Women For Donald Trump Facebook page, told Reuters reporters:

It doesn't matter what Donald Trump says. The news media is going to twist it. I heard the original comment and it shouldn’t have been taken that way.

And Evonne Groody said:

Shame on the public for presuming something, for putting words in his mouth.

Images: The Viewers View/ Youtube