10 Donald Trump Fun Facts That Will Surprise You

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump seems to make headlines every other day by saying one ridiculously offensive thing or another. Coverage of him has dominated media outlets since his flagrantly xenophobic presidential announcement in June, and he can hardly so much as brush his hair a different style without expecting every mainstream outlet to run a story about it. Even details of his past — charges of racial discrimination, allegations of violence toward his ex-wife Ivana Trump, his passionate birther theory about President Obama — have surfaced throughout his controversial bid for the Republican nomination. But even so, fun facts remain about Donald Trump that you're probably still in the dark about.

A few glimpses into Trump's past reveal he's always had a penchant for unapologetically saying and doing the most unpredictable of things, and his way of life has always been a uniquely bold one. Whatever your opinions of the brash Republican front-runner, at least he's pretty consistent when it comes to being himself. If we'd been aware of just a few of these interesting feats Trump has previously tackled, maybe we'd be far less outraged and surprised by the trouble he seems to stir on a weekly basis. Trump's colorful past includes military school, a Twitter war with Modern Family's executive producer, a fling with the first lady of France, and, oh yeah, his own board game — he's done it all, and more.

1. He Was A Wild Child

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When Trump was 13 years old, his parents decided to send him to New York Military Academy. They cited "behavior problems" and hoped attending military school would help him channel his energy in a "positive manner," The Washington Post reported.

2. He's Pretty Sure Rich People Hate Him


By his own calculations, Trump's net worth is north of $8 billion, but according to himself, "poor people" and "the middle class" love him while the rich hate him. Why? "The rich people hate me ... because I think they're jealous," Trump elaborated in a May interview with Fox & Friends, "because they want to be famous."

3. Trump The Game — Enough Said

In 1989, Trump released a commercial promoting a board game called "Trump the Game." Judging by the 30-second commercial, the board game appears to be somewhat like Monopoly, but with casinos and a picture of his smug face.

4. He's Not A Fan Of Modern Family

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Back in June 2013, in a Twitter war that was particularly heated even for himself, Trump revealed that no, he's not a fan of Modern Family. After Danny Zuker, the show's executive producer, blasted Trump for a hypocritical tweet the business mogul made about the great threat to America that is China, Trump called Zuker's sitcom "really boring" and "written by a moron" in a series of characteristically immature tweets. You'll find in this series of tweets his typical "total loser," "very dumb," and "so pathetic" insults, too.

5. He's Won An Award For Acting

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To clarify, it was a Razzie Award... for "Worst Supporting Actor." The Donald played himself in the 1990 film Ghosts Can't Do It.

6. He Doesn't Use ATMs

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In an appearance on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Trump claimed he's never used an ATM. Knowing Trump, the personal tidbit was probably made to give us an even better idea of just how extraordinarily rich he is, although how ATMs are related to how wealthy someone is, I'm not entirely sure.

7. But Federal Foreclosure Listings? Those Are Fun


According to Time magazine, while studying at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, Trump fought stress by reading federal foreclosure listings just for fun. His college days sure sound pretty wild.

8. Donald Trump & Anna Nicole Smith?

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In the 1990s, after his first divorce, it's rumored Trump and the late Anna Nicole Smith briefly dated. While we're on the subject of his past flames, in the '90s, Trump very briefly dated Carla Bruni, who went on to become the first lady of France.

9. He Challenged President Obama... To The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Last summer, Trump completed the ALS ice bucket challenge. In the process, he pledged the hair on his head is all real and challenged President Obama along with two of his sons.

10. He Avoids Alcohol


Trump's brazen comments and tweets may sometimes sound like the words of a drunk man, but according to Forbes, the business mogul simply doesn't feel the need to consume alcohol. "I don't drink, and it's very easy for me not to drink," he told Forbes.