6 Companies Doing Nude Tights For WOC Right

I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of nude tights in my adulthood. The nude nylons and stockings that were available to me while growing up in New England were always someone else’s idea of nude. They were never even close to the color of my brown legs. Sure, I could go with black tights, but living in a region where the weather can quickly turn cold and my outfit of choice requires my naturally beautiful leg color meant it was time to find some nude tights to protect my future outfit choices.

I’m sure it comes to no surprise to anyone with brown legs that finding nude tights or pantyhose on the fly is pretty hard. The search term "nude tights for women of color" had me at least five pages deep into Google before I found anything that could match my skin tone. Of course, some lingerie brands are actually starting to realize that humans aren't all the same light beige color, but nude tights for WOC are apparently still few and far between. For the sake of all brown-legged babes that want a pair of nice nude tights for their skin tone, I bring you the fruits of my Googling labor. These companies are manufacturing pantyhose for everyone.

1. Nubian Skin

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When Nubian launched in 2014, I was ecstatic about having a place that I could by nude lingerie. Not only are the prices affordable, there is also a great selection of shades women of color, because this company knows we all aren’t the same color brown.

2. Gerbe

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Ohh, Gerbe, not only do they have a selection of nudes for women of color they also have modern, funky nude tights that aren’t the standard boring nylons our grandmothers wore. Shipping could take some time since the brand is based in Paris, but they are affordable, and the quality seems worth the wait.

3. Pretty Polly

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Pretty Polly has all your nude needs… well, at least when it comes to tights. The brand has a wide selection of tights for women of color to walk out in the cold comfortably with.

4. Debenhams

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Debenhams launched a variety of tights that are available in a plethora of shades. Bonus: While many brands expand the nude section to include just one darker color, Debenhams actually has multiple shades of brown, making it truly all-inclusive.

This is another European brand, so the shipping charges can smart a bit, but the wide variety of color options definitely makes it worth it.

5. Levante

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Just like Debenhams, Australian-based brand Levante knows there's more than one shade of brown skin. Again, you'll have to pay a shipping charge and wait about two weeks to get your tights. Can some more U.S. brands get on soon, please?!

6. Falke

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Falke is a popular brand for tights, nylons, and thigh-highs, all of which come with multiple skin tone options. Nude thigh-highs with garter belts? Yes please. Falke is relatively affordable and although their array of browns may not be as extensive as Nubian, the different types of tights you can get almost makes up for it. (Oh, and yes, this is another British brand.)

I wish I had more U.S. brands to share, but it seems the Brits are the ones getting it right! Dear American hosiery companies: We brown girls are ready to buy your products, if only you'd give us the options we need.

Images: Courtesy Brands