John Leguizamo Is Hilarious in 'American Ultra'

American Ultra, the new stoner comedy, features Jesse Eisenberg as a weed-smoking underachiever who just happens to be a deadly sleeper agent created by the American government. The film also features Kristen Stewart as Eisenberg's girlfriend Phoebe, and John Leguizamo as his dealer Rose. You may not recognize Leguizamo's name in writing, but you'll definitely recognize the face and voice of the actor who plays the drug dealer in American Ultra.

Leguizamo has been active in the entertainment industry since 1984 (!), and is known for a wide variety of roles among all different kinds of projects. From Carlito’s Way to ER to that weird viral video “The Annoying Orange,” Leguizanm has lent his talents to creative endeavors of many different mediums. In American Ultra, he’s a buff drug dealer sporting some crazy tattoos — and a lot of them. So many in fact, that the actor couldn’t shower during filming because it would have taken too long to reapply the tats every time he washed them off. That goes to show that Leguizamo has some serious dedication to his art, which may explain how he’s consistently gotten work in Hollywood for so many years. Here are some other things you may not have known about the actor.

1. He Was The Voice Of Sid In Ice Age

The actor is known for his voicework as well as his on-camera roles. For the role of Sid in Ice Age, he watched footage from the Discovery Channel on sloths and based the character's lisp-y voice on the fact that sloths store food in their cheeks.

2. His First On-Camera Role Was In A Madonna Music Video

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Leguizamo told NPR of his appearance in the "Borderline" music video, "I was an extra. They gave me a free sandwich and I showed up in the Lower East Side because I knew Madonna was into Latin guys."

3. He Had A One-Man Show On Broadway

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The comedian's one-man show Freak was nominated for two Tony Awards in 1998, and was also adapted into a TV special which was nominated for additional awards.

4. He Was In Moulin Rouge

Although the actor's background is primarily Colombian, he portrayed the playful French performance artist Toulouse-Lautrec in 2001's spectacle-filled Moulin Rouge.

Leguizamo is an incredibly versatile performer and is sure to be a highlight of American Ultra. Fans can also look forward to seeing him in the upcoming film Sisters alongside Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. He'll definitely be involved in many more productions in years to come — hopefully ones that allow him to shower!

Image: Lionsgate, Giphy