O Hai There: FLOTUS Joins Instagram

Nice to see you here, Mrs. O. The FLOTUS, who's already an active tweeter, has expanded her social presence by hopping over to Instagram. The official account launched Thursday.

Mrs. Obama made her first post from Africa, where the first family is currently visiting. Her username is "MichelleObama" (we'd usually minus points for creativity, but she gets a pass on this one), and all pictures posted by the first lady herself are signed with "-mo"

Above is her first image—she's posing with her daughters and students from an all-girls middle school in Dakar. Her caption says, "My first Instagram! So inspired and impressed by these extraordinary young women. -mo"

The first lady's account has also published a video of students dancing and a picture of her talking with students at the middle school. She currently has 15,000 followers as of this writing, but that won't last long. Don't expect any #followback love; Mrs. Obama's only following one account, The White House, which is also new.