Is ChapStick Really Addictive?

by Lindsey Rose Black

Beauty myth has it that using ChapStick can create a dependency on, and even addiction to the stuff. But come on, is ChapStick really addictive? Sorry friends, but the answer is yes.

While there's basically zero evidence to chemically back the claim ChapStick in and of itself is addicting, compulsive application is a reality that some struggle with everyday. Explaining further, director of OCD Action, Joel Rose, shared, "Someone who applies a lot of lip balm might be considered quirky but for some people, compulsion can be very damaging on their lives ... The minute you define it it becomes a thing, the compulsion becomes real ... If [lipbalm application] behavior is having an impact on your life then it should be taken seriously – you can and should seek help."

Given how active the site is, many are in fact trying to seek help. The forum is a place for "addicts" to share their stories and tips for growth, and there's even a 12 step program on the site following an identical strategy to AA meetings. According to Greatist, ChapStick is not, by the book, addictive the way cigarettes are, but "it can become a psychological habit that may feel a lot like addiction."

If you feel like you can't control your lip balm application habits, seeking professional counseling help is the first step on working through the compulsive behavior and getting your life back.

If you don't feel like the compulsive application behavior category applies to you, but frequent ChapStick application leaves your lips more and more irritated, opt for the two super simple lip balms below.

1. Vaseline

When in doubt, reach for good ol' Vaseline.

(Vaseline Lip Therapy, $3.98, Vaseline)

2. Aquaphor

This is what I use. It's long-lasting, doesn't irritate my lips at all, and works well to prevent chapping.

(Aquaphor Lip Repair, $3.97, Aquaphor)

Image Credit: Vaselinebrand/Instagram; Vaseline; Aquaphor