Miley Cyrus' Pantless Santa Suit & Her Amazing Tour of Holiday Destruction

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Miley Cyrus is taking on Christmas rump-first and we totally saw this coming. A couple months ago, an editor here at Bustle took one look at Miley's pornographic jack-o-lanterns, or "pornkinzzz," and predicted that Lil' Miss Shocking would continue her raunchy holiday festivities throughout the year. And she was right! As far as we know, Miley skipped any Thanksgiving antics — well, other than this horribly disgusting turkey GIF, but she can't be blamed for that one — and now it's Christmas time, meaning there are tons of traditions ripe for the ruining.

Miley is not wasting any time grinding her never-ending supply of high-waisted panties all over Santa, on a reindeer dancer (meaning a dancer wearing antlers, not an actual reindeer... yet), and she'll probably twerk on your grandma's special holiday fruitcake.

Click through for a trip through Miley's latest holiday spree.

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