6 Ways To Perk Up Tired, Dull Looking Skin

Is your skin looking a bit lackluster lately? It could be from lack of sleep. Unrested skin is dull skin, so it's time to learn how to fix tired skin and get your glow back. Puffy eyes and discoloration happen to everyone, but there are plenty of ways to trick your skin (and everyone else) into thinking you slept a full eight hours. No snoozing necessary — even though it's preferred. Whether you've been working, partying, or studying late, there are several reasons that you could be missing out on your precious beauty sleep. However, just because you aren't feeling your best doesn't mean your skin has to show it.

When you haven't slept, the signs are all over your face. Your skin loses brightness, elasticity, and your overall glow when you don't get enough sleep, according to WebMD. It's the worst. You're beautiful with or without those dark circles, but if you're desperately looking for a way to get rid of them after a long night, don't worry — there's hope. With a few additions to your normal beauty routine, you can look like your most radiant, wide-awake self. No one needs to know that you didn't sleep a wink. Wondering how your can fake your way to looking well rested? Here are a few of my favorite tips to perking up tired, dull looking skin.

1. Add Caffeine

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Drinking coffee in the a.m. is often the only thing that gets us out of bed, but if you really want to benefit from its caffeine, there are more intense options available. However, caffeinated creams are excellent for reducing any puffiness your under-eyes. According to, caffeine works by decreasing the swelling, and constricting the blood vessels of the skin, which gives you a more awake appearance. Try using the Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller to reduce puffy eyes. The cool metal tip feeling amazing on tired skin.

2. Exfoliate

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Exfoliation is key to livening up your skin. Dermatologist Dr. Patricia Wexler told Into The Gloss that she always tells her clients to scrub daily to get the best results. "And I always tell people to exfoliate on a daily basis. This once-a-week thing is nonsense," Wexler said. "But, I think you have to know your skin. You should never look red or irritated — you should look better after you scrub."

Into The Gloss suggests using an exfoliating wash cloth to gently use on your face. Dr Wexler suggests exfoliating in the shower every day.

3. Moisturize

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This is the time when you really need to slather on your moisturizer. Dermatologist Dr. Brian Zelickson told Daily Makeover that, “[Sleep deprivation] affects the skin’s natural barrier function which can lead to dryness, irritation and increased skin sensitivity."

By adding moisture back into your skin, your skin will look more plump and awake. I suggest reaching for a thicker moisturizer that contains brightening or energy-boosting ingredients such as the Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting moisturizer.

4. Use Ice Water

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Wake up your skin by splashing a bit of cold water on your face! The experts at The Body Shop swear by this method for reviving tired looking skin. Wondering what it does? The coldness of the water gets your blood rushing, which will bring back color to your face, according to celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau. It's a quick fix for dull skin.

5. Get Glowing

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Liquid highlighters are my best friend when I'm tired or lacking sleep. By adding a few drops to your regular foundation, you can look alive in no time.

6. Spritz It Up

Facial mists are absolutely essential for perking up tired skin in my book. Not only are they refreshing, but they are also super hydrating. Keep a facial mist in your purse, so that you can refresh your skin all day long.

Now, go get yourself an extra cup of coffee. You've earned it.

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