Male MUA Prove Cosmetics Are For Men, Too

Social media platforms have provided male beauty gurus with an outlet to experiment with their cosmetic passion. Professional and aspiring male makeup artists are increasingly taking advantage of the online community to prove that makeup is as much for men as it is for women. Considering these MUAs are gaining popularity, are male makeup artists on the rise? According to Lucky, they might be.

Unfortunately, there are limited cosmetic lines specifically geared toward men on the market. Up until now, the only cosmetic products specifically labeled for men have been limited to face makeup and skincare like Jane Iredale's H/E Bronzer for Men and SuperSmile's Ultimate Lip Treatment. Brands like Clinique, MAC, and even Tom Ford launched products including moisturizers, concealers, brow liner, and eye creams for men in recent years, however no further expansion in exclusively male makeup has been attempted. The beauty industry has always been geared towards, and controlled by, women, but as more male makeup enthusiasts emerge, will cosmetic brands begin marketing to them as well?

Most of the male makeup artists I’ve seen online can rock a bold lip as well as the next woman, and take pride in experimenting with some seriously fierce looks. A handful of male makeup artists are making their mark across the Web and I am crossing my fingers for the launch of cosmetic lines specifically geared towards men within the next few years.

Check out seven male makeup artists who are changing the face of makeup, one YouTube channel at a time.

1. Manny MUA

With just under 500K followers on Youtube alone, Manny is a beauty vlogger who posts tutorials and favorite videos. Note that he's pretty friendly with Jaclyn Hill, which definitely speaks to his talents.

2. Guy Tang

Guy Tang is a celebrity hairstylist from West Hollywood. His channel focuses on hair, beauty, and basically all things glam.

3. Wayne Goss

Having 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, makeup artist Wayne Goss definitely knows his stuff. He posts videos every three days of different tutorials and product reviews.

4. PatrickStarrr

Patrick is a 25 year old makeup artist based out of Orlando, Florida and is fab-u-lous. He posts a wide range of videos from tutorials, favorites, transformations and more, with a very colorful flair.

5. Dustin Hunter

Hunter is a jack of all trades, dabbling in makeup artistry, music production and photography. His YouTube channel has a lot to offer, including reviews on cosmetics and tools, book reviews and how-tos.

6. Ryan Payne

Payne is adorable with his European accent. He dabbles in fashion and beauty on his channel, mostly sticking to product reviews. I love MAC, and so does he, so obviously I'm a fan.

7. AndrewsOffDay

Andrew is a makeup artist based in New York, and the moment I came across his channel I fell in love. His looks are easy to emulate, and he is very conversational in his videos, which I think makes him very relatable to his viewers. Oh, and he has a dog who often makes a cameo. Win.

Image: Screenshot