Hundra & Emily Might Be 'Catfish'-ing Us All

We might be in for a real doozy this week on Catfish when Nev and special guest Machine Gun Kelly find out what is really going on with the Catfish couple of the week, Hundra and Emily. I'm sure you're asking a few things right now: what is going to make this a doozy, and why is Machine Gun Kelly partnering up with Nev? Max is out this week, and MGK is subbing in for him to get down to the bottom of a Catfish episode with a lot at stake. And let me tell you, you've never seen a person be more excited to be a cohost of Catfish until you've seen MGK join the sleuthing team.

This week's couple, Hundra and Emily, seem like every other Catfish couple. They met online, haven't met in person, and are supposedly in love with each other. MGK, who says he is rooting for love in the situation, and Nev plan to help Hundra discover if Emily is really who she says she is, since she feels like Emily is hiding something (don't they all). So what do we know about Hundra and Emily, and how is this episode going to go down in history for possibly one of the most unexpected Catfish twists?

Here's what we know about this week's couple.

Hundra & Emily Met On Facebook

As cliche as it is, the two women met on Facebook and started out as friends. They've been speaking for nine months before Hundra reached out to Nev and Max/MGK. Over the course of that time, the two have formed a romantic relationship. Just like every case for Catfish, Hundra thinks that Emily is hiding something.

They've Never Met

That would be too easy, wouldn't it? The two women have never met in person, but that's not because Hundra hasn't tried. According to her email to Catfish, she has tried to get together with Emily before. At one point, Hundra even drove to New York, where Emily lives, only to get a message from Emily saying "she just left."

Hundra Has A "Lot To Lose"

Hundra explains in her email that she comes from a very traditional Haitian family that does not accept gay people. Emily is the first person that has made Hundra feel like "it's OK to be herself." But, Hundra says that because her family does not accept her sexuality, reaching out to Nev creates the risk of her being disowned.

There's Something Fishy Going On

SPOILER ALERT: Hundra might just be Catfish-ing us all. From the preview below, it seems like there is something extremely fishy — excuse the pun — going on with this week's Catfish. Is it Hundra that is playing Nev and MGK (who totally loses his cool from the email to the confrontation video below)? Or is Hundra the one who has been getting played the entire time?

We'll have to wait to see if Nev and MGK can get to the bottom of this intriguing episode.

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