Sonic Slushes Are 79 Cents On August 19, So Let's All Turn Our Tongues Funny Colors Today

It's summer. You're hot. It's gross. So obviously you want something cold and full of sugar. Well, good news: Sonic slushes are just 79 cents on Wednesday, August 19 (that's today, people!). That's right — for less than a dollar, you can change your mouth to basically any color of the rainbow. And don't even try to tell me that colors aren't flavors; everyone knows that blue is the best flavor out there (even if I still don't actually know what a "blue raspberry" is).

There are, however, some drawbacks: First, you're only allowed to get four slushes per order, which immediately puts the kibosh on my dream of filling my bathtub with slush and swimming around in it; and second, not all Sonics are part of this promotion, so make sure you look up your local one to see if they're playing nice. A third potential drawback might be unique to me — that is, that I'm probably going to waste more money on gas trying to decide which flavor I want than I'll be spending on the slush itself — but you know what? Worth it. I'm also pretty sure there's an option to get Nerds in your slush, even though add-ins are extra with this promotion, it's still a pretty legitimate option.

Regardless if you choose to partake or not, the world seems pretty happy about Sonic's promotion:

As well you should.

She gets me.

As hell, though.

Slushes come first. Naps come second. Obviously.

This may be from last month's promotion but... just too perfect.

Preach, sister.

Images: Sonic Drive-In/Facebook