Here's Why You Should Never Wash Your Jeans

Laundry day may have just gotten a little cheaper. One Vogue fashion writer just made a pretty dang convincing argument for why you should never wash your jeans. Before you write off the idea as totally unsanitary, hear the girl out. Her reasoning definitely just swayed me.

Marjon Carlos refused to wash jeans ever again because a toss in the washer totally altered the fit of her beloved Acne Studios boyfriend jeans. She called the jeans her "denim equivalent of a unicorn" and was devastated to find them "mangled at the bottom of this so-called" cleaning device. Though friends questioned her decision, a stint at French jean atelier A.P.C. convinced her not washing was the way to go.

A.P.C.'s employee handbook included phrases such as, "Run into the ocean with them on, then roll around in the sand to break down the roughness" and "Throw them in to the freezer if they become intolerable in smell, but whatever you do, do not wash them." Carlos remembers customers being thrilled by the results of the advice, loving how "their raw jeans had eventually broken down exquisitely from their original, stiff state. The pronounced outline of a wallet; beautiful honeycombing; the softest of textures; paint splatter, indecipherable stains. These pairs were utterly beautiful when undisturbed." Are you convinced yet?

Even Vogue's Denim Editor, Kelly Connor, stands with Carlos. She said, "I basically don’t wash my jeans. If it’s vintage Levi’s and raw denim, I never wash them. And I haven’t gotten to the gross point—or maybe I have and I’m just not that clean in general . . .”

Carlos and Connor are not alone. CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., Chip Bergh, went on Good Morning America and admitted to not washing his jeans for a year. A year! Tommy Hilfiger also told TMZ that he "never" washed his jeans. As in not once, not ever.

Well there you have it. Think you could ever break the habit of washing jeans regularly? If so, maybe splurging on the denim beauties below is worth it!

1. Levi's Vintage Wash Boyfriend Jeans

A pair of these distressed beauties are a treasure fit for any boho princess.

(Levi's Boyfriend, $290, Free People)

2. Flea Market Flares

These swingy, breezy flares from Madewell will keep you trendy through the season and still look perfect forty years from now when flares are cool once again.

(Flea Market Flares, $135, Madewell)

3. Skin 5 Skinny Jeans

Acne Studios makes absolutely beautiful jeans, and this faded pair is no exception.

(Skin 5 Skinny Jeans, $270, Acne Studios)

4. Jean Taille Haute

This pair of deep indigo jean trousers from A.P.C. will last your whole life and keep you looking fabulous trough all reincarnations.

(Jean Taille Haute, $195, A.P.C.)

5. Vintage Levi's 505

Oh, Urban Renewal and its many cool denim offerings.

(Vintage Levi's, $59, Urban Outfitters)

Image Credit: Unsplash; Urban Outfitters (2); Madewell; Acne Studios; A.P.C.