Paris Hilton's Dog Is The Cutest Travel Accessory

by Julia Guerra

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but dogs come in at a close second. For example, Paris Hilton’s dog Peter Pan a Chihuahua, is her best accessory. The heiress is known for falling in puppy love often and pampers her puppies as one would their best friends. She was rarely seen without the late Tinkerbell before her unfortunate passing in January, and recently adopted two teacup Pomeranian pups for a whopping 25K.

But that’s not to say that Hilton isn’t all about the glitz and glam. After all, the television personality has dabbled in fashion design, launching a namesake collection of handbags and accessories, but there is nothing better than furry arm candy that loves you just as much as you love it.

I think Hilton has the right idea here. Small dogs make for the perfect accessory. Think about it. They fit comfortably in your tote, are guaranteed to match every outfit in your closet, and will attract positive attention.

Documenting her travels to Switzerland, Hilton posted a photo to Instagram Wednesday of her trusted pooch curled up in a travel bag surrounded by toys. “Bye Ibiza! Taking off to Zurich with my love & @PeterPan_Hilton” Hilton captioned the photo. That’s right, friends. Not only has Pan gone international, but this pup has more Instagram followers than some of your favorite fashion bloggers.

Whether she's traveling across the world or running a quick errand, rest assure Hilton will always have a puppy in toe. Check out five times Peter Pan was Hilton's best accessory, because really, dogs are this girl's best friend.

1. To Ibiza And Beyond

While Paris looks like a vacation-ready goddess, Peter Pan sits cozily in her arms.

2. Landing In Corsica

Pan loves to party with his mommy. He also matches her gold necklace. Brava on the color coordinating, Hilton.

3. Liberty And Puppies For All

Paris for President, and Pan for First Dog. 2016 here they come!

4. Dog Mobile

They'll definitely stop traffic.

5. Patriotic Puppy

Nothing says patriotism than posing with your favorite pup.