Cat Birthdays Are Out, Cat Quinceañera's Are In

Celebrating your quinceañera is a right of passage for many Latina women when they turn 15, and I'm wildly jealous of their beautiful dresses and amazing parties. Well, Kira Stackhouse, a San Francisco-based photographer, threw a cat quinceañera for her kitty, Ponette. Ponette turned 15 recently and Stackhouse decided they needed to celebrate in style. Of all the cat birthdays we've ever seen in this crazy Internet world, this is by far the most exciting. Stackhouse even found a perfect little quince dress for Ponette and a tiara that will bring very real tears to your eyes.

In a self-published post on TheDodo, Stackhouse explained how she ended up taking Ponette home:

"I brought Ponette home on September 2, 2000. Someone listed her in the local newspaper saying that she was found with her sister and if no one could adopted them, that they would be taken to the local shelter (a very high-kill shelter). I went to visit and at first connected with her sister, who then ran away in the house and disappeared... Ponette, was sitting quietly in a cat tree behind me, staring at me the whole time, and when I turned around in that moment, I knew we were meant to be together."

Whether you're a huge cat person, or insist your loyalty is to dogs (and only dogs), you aren't going to be able to resist these photos of Ponette in a full skirt and crown. Here's how a cat quinceañera goes down:

You Set The Mood, And Ready The Dress And Crown For The Big Day

Then You Present, Her Majesty, The 15-Year-Old Kitten:

Then The Guests Arrive And All That Fun And Mingling Happens

Then You Allow The New 15-Year-Old To Look Wistfully Off Into The Distance

And Take Care Of Her If She Has Her First Drink And Ends Up On The Bathroom Floor

But, Overall, You All Have A Magical Time, As Does The Kitty At Her Quince

TA DA. Fifteen years old and still such a babe.

Images: Courtesy Of Kira Stackhouse