The 'Key & Peele' MC Mom Rap Parodies Embarrassing Mothers & Is Hilarious — VIDEO

You know that feeling you get when your mom does something particularly embarrassing in front of your friends? Well Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele have taken that and multiplied it by 1000. On Wednesday night's episode of Key & Peele , the comedians parody embarrassing moms with a sketch called "MC Mom," and it's both horrifyingly and totally hilarious. Key plays a guy in college who receives a DVD of his mother, Peele's character, rapping to him, but of course his friends find the DVD first and play it just to embarrass him. What they don't realize is just how embarrassing her rap is when it comes to the NSFW subject matter.

Peele's mother begins the rap in a rather harmless yet totally corny way, by saying lines like "I'm the M to the C to the M-O-M. And when it comes to mom rappers, I'm the biggity best of them." But when she starts rapping about the things that her son Carl — Key's character — left behind, things get awkward. It seems Carl spent a lot of time in his room engaging in, ahem, private adult matters by himself and the evidence is all over his belongings. As the rap progresses and gets increasingly graphic in details, Carl's friends get totally grossed out which adds to Carl's embarrassment and horror. But of course for us viewers, it's totally hilarious.

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Image: Screenshot/Comedy Central