The 'American Ultra' Post-Credits Scene Is A Major Highlight Of The Comedy Thriller

American Ultra, the new action-stoner comedy starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, also features a chimp named Apollo Ape. Okay, so it's not an actual chimp, but Apollo Ape is the main character of the comic book that Eisenberg's Mike draws in his spare time. Apollo Ape plays a crucial role in the movie, and also provides an awesome extra feature at the very end of the movie- an animated sequence during the credits. The American Ultra post-credits scene shows the final battle as what it would look like if the film's characters became Apollo Ape characters. It's a hilarious post-ending-ending, and it also shows that American Ultra doesn't take itself too seriously given that it's willing to recreate its most climactic scene with the main characters being represented as comic book caricatures of themselves.

In fact, The Times-Picayne noted in their review of the film that, although American Ultra has a sequel set-up at the end, the Apollo Ape sequence actually makes for a superior ending. Reviewer Mike Scott said of the animated sequence, "In addition to being wildly creative, it suggests there just might be a far better, far more original sequel to American Ultra than producers apparently thought." This isn't the first time that an ending credits scene has been as much-talked-about as the film itself. Here are a few post-feature scenes that made some great comedies even more memorable.

Napoleon Dynamite

The post-credits wedding scene in this cult film features Kip and Lafawnduh getting married in a field, where Kip sings an uncomfortable yet sweet tune called "Always and Forever." Napoleon shows up on horseback, and explains that he's late because he was taming the "wild honeymoon stallion" for the newlyweds. Don't try to understand; just enjoy.

Austin Powers

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Before Will Ferrell was known for his most iconic film roles such as Ron Burgundy and Buddy the Elf, he played Dr. Evil's henchman Mustafa in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Dr. Evil attempted to kill off Mustafa for minor misdeeds, but Ferrell's character somehow always seemed to survive and would report the various injuries he had sustained. In the post-credits scene, he is heard beckoning to the audience despite having fallen off a cliff. "Is the movie over?" he asks. "Maybe someone in the lobby could call an ambulance." Classic.

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle


The original Harold and Kumar gives us doses of both justice and hilarity as the credits roll. We're shown resolutions to several events of the films at once in the form of a news report. The anchor reports the arrests of both the racist police officers and the "Xtreme" meatheads who harassed Harold and Kumar over the course of the film. She then states that two fugitives (who we know to be our protagonists) have escaped from prison, and two offensively stereotypical caricatures are shown onscreen as "extremely accurate police sketches." We hear Harold and Kumar laughing, acknowledging that although there is still much ignorance in the world, things tend to work out the way they're supposed to.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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This iconic 80s film ends with Ferris breaking the fourth wall as he pops his head out of the kitchen, acknowledges the audience down the hallway and walks up to speak directly to the camera. "You're still here?" He remarks in a surprised yet pitying tone. "It's over. Go home. Go." He gestures to shoo us away, and exits the hallway. Oh, Matthew Broderick. You are a heartbreaker.

A quality ending credits scene is like the cherry on top of a sundae, completing your moviegoing experience with a little extra sweetness. In American Ultra's case, the ending sequence is both a hilarious and creative example of how post-credits scenes can make a good movie even better. Animation, ass-kicking, and Jesse Eisenberg in Apollo Ape form- what's not to love?

Images: Lionsgate, MTV Films, Giphy