Rita Ora Dies Tips Blue & 5 Other Celebs Who Experimented With Mermaid Locks This Summer

Squeezing in one last hoorah before summer subsides, Rita Ora dyed her tips blue. The performer debuted fresh mermaid locks on Instagram Thursday, captioning the photo with “Today's promo look rockin' the '90’s chain top.” Her ensemble is definitely a nod to throw back fashion, but there is no denying Ora’s locks are very on-trend.

Just when I was finally getting used to the “Body On Me” singer’s pink streaks, she’s on to the next shade. But if there is any lesson to be learned from this chick’s constantly switched-up style, it’s go big or go home. Or, in this case, go halvsies. If anyone can rock the mythical mermaid goddess look, it’s Ora. Slap a fin and coconut bra on this girl and she’s a shoe-in for the Blue Lagoon.

She may be a late passenger on the bandwagon, but Ora doesn’t seem to be a strike-the-match-while-it’s-hot kind of girl. She adheres to trends that she likes, when she likes, and is that not how personal style was meant to be? I’m on board if she decides to make this color work for fall. Though I’m pretty much a fan of anything Ora deems stylish. I admire a woman who takes fashion into her own hands, and always dresses outside the box.

I'm predicting that Ora is the last of this summer's celebrity mermaids, but only time will tell. Check out five other celebs who hopped on the blue hair train this summer, and maybe consider taking a stab at the style yourself — because, come on, who doesn't want to feel like a mermaid?

1. Kylie Jenner

The youngest Jenner has a different hairstyle pretty much every time you blink, but mermaid locks have become her signature. She's gone back and forth with the trend all summer, starting with a deeper blue for Coachella. I love this photo of the reality star. I'm not a huge fan of the blue hair phenomenon but for some reason it just looks fabulous on her. Maybe it's her olive skin, or the fact that, really, she basically kicked off the trend.

2. Hilary Duff

Lizzie McGuire wishes she could have rocked mermaid strands like this fierce mama. Duff has made a killer comeback this year with new music and a fresh television series. She experimented with this style for a bit before returning to her signature golden locks.

3. Kelly Ripa

The Live With Kelly and Michael hostess's blue locks were even shorter-lived than her pink hair. Maybe a bold cut and color was too much for Ripa. Whatever the reason, it was nice while it lasted.

4. Soo Joo Park

Park's modeling career really took off once she dyed her hair blonde way back when, but I guess it was time to switch it up. The woman has a fierce confidence about her that allows the model to rock any and every style she so pleases. I'm a fan.

5. Gigi Hadid

Bold lips AND bold tips? The eldest Hadid sister gives a new definition to the bold and the beautiful. I'm pretty sure these were only temporary, as she looks to be back to all blonde.