7 Must-Hear Tracks From Carly Rae's New Album

by Alex Kritselis

On Friday, Canadian pop music virtuoso Carly Rae Jepsen finally dropped her new album, EMOTION . Though the LP's lead single, "I Really Like You," failed to achieve the astonishing commercial success of her 2012 U.S. breakthrough, "Call Me Maybe," it made one thing abundantly clear: Nobody knows how to capture dizzying bursts of youthful infatuation in song quite like Jepsen. Nobody. It's no surprise, then, that EMOTION is a superb collection of glistening '80s-inspired pop tunes that, more often than not, speaks directly to the giddy, love-drunk teenager who lives inside all of us. The now-29-year-old singer has truly outdone herself.

Jepsen enlisted the help of pop music heavyweights like Shellback (Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off"), Sia Furler (Rihanna's "Diamonds"), and Greg Kurstin (Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)") to create EMOTION; however, each of the 15 tracks that appears on the project's deluxe edition is unabashedly and unmistakably Carly, bursting with her signature sticky hooks and vibrant, Technicolor tales of falling in (and out) of love. The wait was agonizing, yes, but it was worth it: EMOTION is hands down one of the best pop albums of 2015 — and you need to check it out immediately.

Here are seven of EMOTION's must-hear tracks (though, truthfully, the entire album is required listening):

"Run Away With Me"

"Run Away With Me" is like Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" on steroids. It's stunning.

"Gimmie Love"

The way Jepsen playfully coos the bubbly "Gimmie Love" hook makes my heart happy.

"Favourite Colour"

"Favourite Colour" is the kind of triumphant love song you're going to want to play over and over (and over) again.

"Making The Most Of The Night"

"Making the Most of the Night" finds Jepsen on a mission to cheer up a close friend who's been feeling down. It's one of the sweetest and most joyous pop tunes I've heard in recent memory.


Stylistically, EMOTION's title track reminds me quite a bit of Jepsen's 2012 effort, Kiss. In other words, it's delectable.

"Let's Get Lost"

Dig that crazy '80s sax! The chorus on "Let's Get Lost" is transcendent.

"Boy Problems"

"Boy problems. Who's got 'em? I've got 'em, too." Sing it, Carly Rae.

EMOTION is available on iTunes and Spotify now.