Johnny Depp Dior Sauvage Trailer Is Here & 5 Other Famous Faces Who Repped The Brand

There's no question that he is one of the most lusted over men in Hollywood. While he may be looking looking a little more Jack Sparrow than Crybaby in recent years, Johnny Depp's campaign video for Dior Sauvage is here to remind you why he's still the ultimate leading man.

Depp's photo campaign for the Sauvage cologne already launched back in June, but yesterday Dior released the first teaser trailer for what eventually be the fragrance's commercial. The video is a super cut of skyscrapers and highways (quite similar to True Detective season 2's long pans of overpasses, IMO), with the actor giving a voiceove in his signature grumbly whisper.

"I've got to get out of here," the actor says, and then asks, "which way?" Judging from the ads, I'd hazard a guess that this adventure just might take Depp out of the big city and into the desert. This is Dior's first new cologne launch in ten years and it will be released along with the full short film on September 2nd.

Take a look a the clip below and get revved up for the full film. Although you don't actually catch a glimpse of Depp, his voice is enough. This is going to be epic.

Christian Dior on YouTube

Depp might be the new addition to Dior's roster of famous male faces, he's certainly not the first hotter than hot male celebrity to rep the brand. Scroll through these five certified babes below who have all previously taken their turn as the spokesman for Dior.

Just make sure to keep a towel by your side to wipe up your drool because no Hollywood hunk is worth ruining a perfectly good laptop over.

Robert Pattinson

Riding high off of his Twilight fame, Robert Pattinson was cast as the smoldering lead in both Dior Homme's clothing and fragrance campaign. The result is a bevy of photos that more than justify R.Patz's heartthrob status.

Jude Law

In case you forgot, Jude Law was pretty much the It-guy in the early aughts, making people swoon with his British accent and piercing blue eyes. His campaign video was filmed by Guy Ritchie, perfectly casting Law as a sexy bad boy with a penchant for the finer things in life.

Alain Delon

Alain Delon was one of the biggest French actors of the 1960s, starring in films as action-packed as they are steamy. To create this Dior Homme campaign, the fashion brand took footage from his 1967 film The Last Adventures by Robert Enrico.

Jamie Dornan

While everyone in the world might refer to him as Mr. Grey, back in the day, Jamie Dornan wasn't just heating up movie theaters, but also smoldering as the face of a number of high-profile fashion campaigns.

Boyd Holbrook

Boyd may have started off as a high fashion model, but he's since moved on to star in someblockbuster films, including Milk and Gone Girl. This is Boyd's first campaign for Dior Homme since becoming strictly an actor, but he still looks totally red carpet-ready in his tux, bow tie and cummerbund.