Bebe Is Going For A More Sophisticated Look, So Say Goodbye To Those Beloved Rhinestone Shirts

When I think Bebe, I'm immediately brought back to middle school dances, where I rocked one of those studded, off-the-shoulder tops that I had not only in black and white, but in pink too, when I was ~feeling~ it. But just as I've grown up a bit, so has the brand—Bebe is going for a more sophisticated look, according to WWD, and turning down their clubby, "party girl" look. So while you don't have to say goodbye to the swarm of bandage dresses and tube tops just yet, you will have to say hello to capes, statement bags, and even a shirtdress (insert shock-faced emoji here)!

This recent shift is all thanks to the company's CEO Jim Wiggett, who took the title this past December. The brand is moving towards a "lifestyle concept," and separating themselves from having "partying" as their primary focus. The company's target shoppers still hit between 20-40 year olds, but just with a new twist. Working alongside Wiggett is Brigitte Bogart, the executive vice president of design, who's focus is certainly more fashion forward.

According to Who What Wear, Bebe has also updated their operating model to match that of their new image. Wiggett told WWD, “The company had 12 seasons. Every month there was a new collection when I got here. The designers and merchants were on a treadmill. We slowed that down and eliminated four seasons, dropping to eight [and having] each season six weeks long. Merchandise is flowed incrementally every two weeks. In doing that, we can now pay more attention to the details."

With the focus shifting away from party looks, business chic, dressy casual, logo apparel, special occasions have been added to the mix. Footwear, accessories, and athletics are also being highlighted. Sounds like they're totally killing the variety! And, scrolling through their Instagram and website, I'm totally seeing pieces I'd love to rock. Check them out, below.

1. A weekend and work appropriate skirt

Windowpane Circle Skirt, $129,

Love that this can transition seamlessly from day to night—from work to happy hour.

2. The Jumpsuit

Petite Tie Waist Jumpsuit, $129,

Um, hi, I would totally wear this. The mint green color is gorgeous!

3. The Chic Cape

Victoria Draped Wool Coat, $249,

I would essentially live in this all fall and winter long.

4. The Dramatic Tunic

Heather Extreme Hi-Lo Tunic, $49,

I'm telling you, the tunic is the item for the fall and winter, and this gray one goes with pretty much anything.

Images: @bebe_stores/Instagram, Bebe