11 Reasons Jon Stewart Should Moderate A Debate For The 2016 Election — Think Of It Like 'The Daily Show' All-Stars

I know he's retired and out of the television show business and all, but there are plenty of reasons why Jon Stewart should moderate a debate this election season, the chief of which is because more than 100,000 have signed a petition asking him to. A Change.org petition that is picking up steam online lays out several strong arguments why Stewart, the now retired host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show would be the perfect choice as a moderator.

The petition cites Stewart's 16 years of experience covering news and politics, as well as his long history of interviewing politicians and heads of state. Not only is Stewart hysterical, but he's also a trusted name in news, as the petition cites a Reuters poll that shows many people share Stewart's general "view of the world."

It's not likely to happen, however. Stewart gave up his comedy throne earlier in August, when he retired from The Daily Show to spend time with his family and see what comes next. He's long expressed dissatisfaction with the political arena, so it's unlikely that he'd choose to throw his hat into the ring once more. But wouldn't it be amazing if he did?

Sure, there are plenty of reasons why Stewart would probably never moderate a debate. But there are so many more reasons why he should — and why he'd be the best moderator ever.

1. He Won't Get Many Chances To Annoy Politicians Anymore


The man has spent 16-plus years of his life highlighting the ridiculousness that is our political spectrum. He's probably going to miss it. And how often will he get to call out politicians while he's in retirement?

2. The Facial Expressions

Imagine, for a moment, as Donald Trump stops mid-sentence because Jon Stewart is giving him his infamous squinty-confused face. All the candidates would know when they were being stupid, because Stewart would make it very obvious.

3. He Could Bring In The Best Guest Questions

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Every debate has viewers from home call-in or email questions. But imagine the list of people that Stewart could call up to deliver said guest questions. Steve Carell? John Oliver? Jessica Williams? Basically just make the debate one big Daily Show reunion and call it a day. Let's even bring the desk back from the Newseum.

4. The Man Knows His Stuff

Behind the jokes and the supercut montages, Stewart really knows what he's talking about. Each interview is knowledgeable and well prepared, and he worked to actively inform his audiences, as well as entertain them.

5. Martin O'Malley Wants Him To

It's true. The former Maryland governor and current 2016 candidate signed the petition, and even tweeted it out.

6. Talk About A Ratings Slam Dunk

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If Fox News thought the GOP primary brought in amazing ratings, consider a debate featuring both Trump and Stewart.

7. He Has Experience Moderating Events

This Sunday, Stewart will be hosting WWE's SummerSlam, so moderating a political debate would basically be the same thing.

8. It Would Be The Culmination Of A Lifetime Of Antagonizing Donald Trump

Trump has always been a bit of an easy target for comedians, and Stewart is no exception. In 2011, Stewart begged Trump to run for president. Trump upheld his end of the bargain — now Stewart owes it to him to see this thing through to the end.

9. Maybe, Just Maybe, He'd Call Trump F*ckface Von Clownstick

Thousands would die from pure exhilaration. Maybe Trump would pop a blood vessel. What a world that would be.

10. He'll Probably Be Bored With Retirement By 2016

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What is there to do in retirement anyway? Are his kids old enough to understand his jokes? He'll be itching to come back.

11. He Would Enjoy The Hell Out Of It

He might deny it, but moderating a debate would be a highlight of his career.

All jokes aside, if Stewart were to moderate a debate, he would take it extremely seriously and give all the candidates the proper respect that they deserve. But he'd also be one of the most grueling debate moderators ever and would treat all candidates (regardless of party) equally. He'd ask tough but fair questions and wouldn't allow them to get away with not answering. It would be a truly informative and beneficial debate — including yet another biting Trump joke.

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