11 Times One Direction "Drag Me Down" Music Video Gave You Serious Career Goals — VIDEO

I think we can all agree that One Direction's first single without Zayn Malik is a rousing success, a song I love even more than I loved their foray into rock and roll (lookin' at you "Midnight Memories"). However, on Friday, the band released the "Drag Me Down" music video, and it took a simple single and turned it into an extraordinary space ride. Or, rather, a extraordinary preparation for a space ride. I like to think almost every child went through a phase when all they wanted was to be an astronaut and go to space camp, and this music video is going to bring all of those feels rushing back to you, whether you're a pre-tween, tween, teen, or, like my self, pretty settled into your professional life and too old for flights of fancy. Seriously, "Drag Me Down" is going to give you some serious career goals.

Throughout the music video, I honestly couldn't decide if my grandest aspiration in life was to be an astronaut or to be the member of a boy band — because clearly you get to do everything that astronauts do, but without having to go on decades-long space expeditions that could turn your life into the plot of Matt Damon's The Martian. Either way, watching One Direction train with NASA to become space explorers is going to give you all the FOMO. In fact, here are 11 specific times you had those feels of missing out.

1. When Harry's Hair Is Better Than Yours

If you're asking what this has to do with being an astronaut, the answer is nothing. I am just going increasingly distressed that Harry Styles' long, luxurious locks put mine to such shame that I am bitter with envy every time I look at his face.

2. When You Can Brood In A Pod

...Truck? ...Thing? I'm no astronaut, but Louis Tomlinson smoldering at me from inside this strange moving device truly does make me wish that I was there training alongside him. Does he officially qualify as a DILF yet?

3. When Liam Payne Is In Your Gym

I'm not one of those people who go to the gym to pick people up (especially since I am not one of those people who go to the gym at all), but, if everyone there looked like Liam Payne, then I would certainly consider it. I'm already going through job listings that require me to go to this gym. Jobs like, you know, being an astronaut.

4. Niall Horan Floating About

I've never thought anti-gravity sounds in any way fun, but Niall makes it look both cool and approachable. You know, like anyone could do it and have a great time doing it. Granted, Niall has a great time no matter what he's doing, or so it seems, but I have never felt closer to that astronaut dream than in this moment.

5. When Niall Horan Reminds Us Where We're Going

For a song called "Drag Me Down," they sure do point up a lot. (OK, the song is about how someone can't drag you down, but still.) This casual reminder that space is the new frontier just fills me with longing.

6. Harry Styles Prancing Around The Camp

He is legitimately prancing, and I legitimately want to do it too.

7. The Obligatory Slow-Mo Walk

As if I didn't think that astronauts were cool already, especially when they look like One Direction.

8. This Awesome Shot

Can you imagine driving this thing? Why imagine? Let's just sign up for NASA, guys!

9. This Dramatic Shot

No joke, if I got into an elevator to do science-y stuff, and I looked around, and everyone in that elevator looked like this, I would be praising my job as the best job ever. Because reasons.

10. When Harry Styles Made A New Friend

You mean to tell me that, if I'd become an astronaut, I could have my own robot companion right now? UNFAIR.

11. When You Get To Do This With Your Best Friends

All three of them, with or without a shoutout to the one who left to start his own solo career. Yeah, if anyone was for any reason worried about One Direction moving forward, then this video should be enough to shut you up. Now excuse me while I go sign up for NASA.

Check out the full video below.

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