Take A Closer Look At Kanye's Yeezy Collection

While the world was Busy obsessing over all things Kimye, one half of the stylish duo was putting in some serious work. Modeled by The Weeknd, Kanye's Yeezy Collection is featured in GQ's September issue. The publication also released an up-close and personal video spotlighting the top five looks from the collection to get everyone excited for it's fall release.

Most of the hype surrounding the line this summer has been about the Yeezy Boost 350s, but that's all about to change. Getting closer than ever to the clothing, GQ video shows exactly what makes each piece stand out. While The Weeknd sports Yeezy from head to toe in the video, GQ's creative director Jim Moore explains what makes the collection so great. Other than "the fact that you can buy Kanye's closet," Moore explains that the tiny details are what makes the rapper's designs stand out.

Moore points out all the features that make Kanye's clothing line a force to be reckoned with. Off the runway, it's easier to see the unique textures and other details that Kanye snuck into his designs. He gives his top five favorite pieces from the collection, which happens to be the exact same ones that 'Ye picked out for The Weeknd's shoot.

1. Sweatpants

These sweatpants stand out because of their hidden zipper and customizable pant leg, according to Moore. The pants have way more character than your everyday loungewear.

2. Camp Hooded M65 Jacket

Along with its unique color, Moore says what makes this jacket so great is the way it modernizes a classic style.

3. Flight Jacket

Also known as "The Parka," the super-sized flight jacket provides a new take on a traditional silhouette.

4. Military Sweater

What puts this sweater above the rest is the "gnawed at" style, according to Moore. The oversized proportions are a trend seen throughout the collection.

5. Blizzard Boots

With the giant sole and competing textures of the footwear, these could be the next big thing in cold-weather gear.

Keep an eye out for the collection, which will be sold at Barney's and Mr. Porter this fall.

Images: YouTube