5 Style Lessons From 'SATC's' Samantha Jones

by Julia Guerra

Carrie Bradshaw may have been Sex and the City’s fashion enthusiast, but there's no denying the rest of the ladies established their own signature styles throughout the series. Out of all four gal pals, though, Samantha Jones taught us about personal style more than any of them (sorry, SJP!). Believe it or not, there was more to Kim Cattrell's character than marching to the beat of her own drum and lacking a vocal filter.

A top PR representative with enough drive to steer her career to the top, Jones represented the ultimate independent woman. Note that she never apologized for who she was, and pay tribute to her impeccable fashion sense, as well as her strong personality.

The key to personal style is owning it. Wear what you want to wear and pay no mind to those who criticize it. Remember that time during fashion week when Jones wore a beautiful white fur coat, only to have PETA throw red paint all over it in an act of protest? The fashionista’s jaw dropped for a mere few seconds before she held her head high and sighed “God, I missed New York.” Even if some people didn't approve of her outfit, she wasn't about to back down.

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Fashion is an art form and it is our individuality that molds our personal style. Check out below five lessons on personal style we learned from Sex and the City's Samantha Jones, and incorporate them into your lifestyle.

1. Personal Style Is, Well, Personal

It doesn't matter whether or not your sister or best friend approves of your camo pants or new favorite tie dye dress you picked off the clearance rack at H&M. We'd all love for our ensembles to attract tabloid attention, but what truly matters is if you love what you're wearing.

2. Fashion Knows No Age

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As Jones famously said, "I am fifty f*cking two, and I will rock this dress." Age is just a number, ladies, and fashion and math were never cocktail buddies. Whatever your age, where what you want, how you want, and knock 'em dead with your glowing confidence.

4. Your Fashion Should Represent You

By the time Sex and the City hit the big screen, Jones and heartthrob Smith Jared were on the rocks. The defining moment of the couple's relationship was when she looked down at the silver flower ring Jared bought for her and no longer saw herself. Instead, the ring represented him. Obviously, this has a bit more depth to it, but the bottom line is: What you wear should be a representation of yourself. When you slip on that LBD and look in the mirror, you should see something you love reflecting back at you.

3. Always Dress To Impress

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You never know who you're going to meet — or run into.

5. Have Confidence

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"Hey, I love the way I look!"

The most important opinion is your own. If you love the way you look in the clothes you wear, that is what matters. When you hold yourself confidently, even the most out there ensemble will look fantastic. It's never really about the clothes. The focal point of any outfit is the person wearing it.

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