BuzzFeed's "If Teachers Were Honest" Reminds Us All That Teachers Are The Real Heroes — VIDEO

“Most days I find this job really rewarding, but today, you all suck.” This brutal truth kicks off a new video from BuzzFeed about what teachers are really thinking as they sit at the front of the classroom. The moral to this tale? Teachers are awesome hero people, and we should be nice to them.

Every job has its good and bad sides, of course, but, between rowdy children, overstuffed classrooms, low pay, and endless, compulsory standardized testing, teachers deal with a special brand of job-induced angst. The fact that any of them manage to maintain a face of positivity and helpfulness in front of their students only goes to show that they have considerably more fortitude than I do. So everyone, go out an hug a teacher today! (I mean, figuratively! As one teacher in the video says, “I would really like to hug some of you, but it’s actually illegal, so please don’t try. It makes me immensely uncomfortable.”)

If you’re a teacher, you may have found yourself holding back these home truths:

"I'm an active standardized test monitor next week, and there's nothing more I'd like to be than insanely drunk for it."

“If I seem a little grumpy, it’s because they have completely overpacked this classroom and totally boned me!”

“My student loans are giving me panic attacks!”

“Oh, you’re Brian’s sister? I hated him!”

“OK, it’s really important that you guys remember all this stuff for next week… but after that it’s gonna be completely pointless.”

“Of course I have favorites!”

“You! You’re the reason I drink when I get home. Yup, YOU!”

Watch the whole video to see the rest:

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