Can John Win 'Big Brother 17' With His Current Game Strategy? Here's What He Can Do To Liven Up His Game

Remember back in the early days of Big Brother 17 when John seemed to have the perfect strategy to win the game? Basically, he would let other people use him as a pawn for Battle of the Block, then he would win Veto or keep himself safe, as his co-nominee would be sent out the door. Well, that rather genius strategy seems to have left with all of those other houseguests, because Johnny Mac's Big Brother strategy is just about as "genius" as Julia leaving Liz alone with Austin for an extended period of time. From hero to zero, Johnny Mac has managed to abandon all game strategy going into the final nine inside the Big Brother house, and it's seriously making me wonder if he even has a chance at winning the game.

You could almost see the wind leave John's sails a few weeks ago when Clay was evicted. After he was caught red-handed for creating the rumor that "Vanessa was in Shelli's ear," he almost immediately sulked back into his tortoise shell. The Wackstreet Boys are never going to reunite, Becky and John are never going to happen, and J-Mac will probably retire his air guitar, because guys, Johnny Mac has left the building. Don't believe us? Listen to this week's episode of The Diary Room, Bustle's official Big Brother 17 podcast, where we discuss at length Johnny Mac's lack of strategy of throwing necessary competitions and trusting the wrong people inside the house.

So what exactly does Johnny Mac's game need to revitalize his chance at winning the game? First of all, he needs to stop throwing competitions. It's so late in the game, Johnny Mac, stop being someone else's pawn. You're a grown man who needs to make moves for himself. Stop playing Austin's game. Stop playing Liz's game. Start playing your game.

Plus, Johnny Mac really needs to stop trusting Austwins. Clearly, he would be the first person out if these four kept up with an alliance. Austin, Liz, and Julia are endgame (and if Austin has his way, Julia will be out first). John should be aligning himself with someone who is going to make him number two. At this point in the game, I think that person is Steve.

Most importantly, I think Johnny Mac needs to start being the orchestrator of some serious game moves. If you want to win Big Brother, you can't just do nothing and expect to get people's votes at the end of the competition. If Johnny Mac started getting people evicted left and right, he could really turn this game around and be seen as a puppeteer. I'm just hoping it's not too late for our favorite dentist.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS