13 Problems Casual 'GOT' Fans Understand

Being a Game of Thrones fan takes a lot of time and emotional investment. There are so many characters, feuds, alliances, mystical elements, foreign lands, foreign tongues, romances, and violence. It's a lot to keep track of, and, quite frankly, that much business isn't for everyone. Sometimes I want to kick back and enjoy some TV without needing to pull up a map of Westeros and a family tree of all the different houses. If only all magical sorting was as easy as Hogwarts! The fact of the matter is, I dig Game of Thrones, sometimes I simply prefer to watch it like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Some Game of Thrones fans struggle with having a much lower level of commitment than others, so, if you're one of those die-hards who can name, in order, everyone who has been killed and the rightful heirs to the Iron Throne, I suggest ye retreat behind your wall.

Game of Thrones is so pervasive that, even if you haven't seen the show, you probably know plenty about it. You heard all about the Red Wedding and have an opinion on whether or not Jon Snow is dead or alive. Or, if you've seen most of the show but skipped out on a season or two because life happens, you're probably tired of all the complaints you get from your friends who watch the show obsessively. I feel you on that, I really do.

Other than the overwhelming peer pressure over catching every little detail of Game of Thrones, there are 13 struggles everyone who has only seen some of the series will understand:

1. When Everyone Is Mad About Another Character Dying But You

I've lost track. Sorry, not sorry.

2. When Everyone Starts Making Weird Hodor Jokes Online

What's the deal with Hodor again? Hodor.

3. When Everyone Wants To Talk About The Baratheons At Brunch

I'm more of a Stark fan. SO SUE ME.

4. When You Try To Figure Out Dany And The Dragons

So she didn't actually lay those eggs, riiiiight?

5. When Tyrion Is Hiding In Yet Another Kingdom

Didn't we just see somewhere across Westeros?

6. When Melisandre Is Everywhere

Do we like her? We don't, right?

7. When You Check Out For A Few Episodes After One Too Many Horrors

After Sansa's wedding night, I had to step away for about three weeks.

8. When You Have To Divert Your Eyes Online For Premiere/Finale Night

The spoilers! The spoilers!

9. When You Have To Read A Recap After An Episode To Understand It All

I've done this on so many occasions.

10. When You Are Mostly Though Season 5 And Think, "Where's Bran?"

*Googles "Bran dead?"frantically*

11. When You Only Watch The Episodes Everyone Talks About

Think "Red Wedding," "Purple Wedding," "Hardhome," and Mother's Mercy." It paints a pretty bleak picture on an already bleak show.

12. When You Only Tune In When Arya or Jon Snow Are Onscreen


13. When Your Friends Give You Guff About Your Game Of Thrones Viewing Habits

That's an omen, right?

Look, if you haven't seen every single second of Game of Thones, it's OK you are not alone. Just remember everyone is probably dead, and a new villain is much worse than the villain you thought was the actual worst (See: Joffrey and Ramsay).

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