Britney Spears' "... Baby One More Time" Music Video Captures All Of Your Back-To-School Feelings

When the end of August rolls around, summer begins to wind down and those back-to-school feelings emerge. There's usually a mixture of emotion: Excitement for what's ahead, but sadness that the warmth and freedom of summer will soon be gone. Before you make those back-to-school resolutions, take a moment to bask in one of the greatest academic moments in pop culture: Britney Spears' "... Baby One More Time" video.

The "... Baby One More Time" video is everything. Not only is the track one of the most iconic pop songs of the '90s, but the accompanying visual more than did it justice. Spears will forever be associated with her schoolgirl uniform, although the entire video is stellar from start to finish.

Another reason it's so great is because it captures so many feelings we have about high school. From waiting for the final bell to ring to the energy of youth, Spears spoke for all of us with "... Baby One More Time," so let's pay tribute to her. As you gather your school supplies and prepare for the academic year ahead (or if you're just feeling really nostalgic about fall), here are seven times "... Baby One More Time" illustrated your back-to-school feelings.

1. When You're Restless In Class

It seems like just yesterday you were laying out by a pool.

2. When You See Your Crush For The First Time After Summer

Be still, my heart!

3. When You're Not Impressed With Your Class Schedule

Especially if your friends are in other classes.

4. When It's Lunchtime

It's easily the best class of the day, so it's tempting to dance down the halls.

5. When Gym Class Rolls Around

Because some days you aren't in the mood to play dodgeball.

6. When Your Summer Reading Paid Off

Strong start to the school year.

7. When The Bell Rings

Sweet freedom! ... Until tomorrow, that is.

Images: Zomba (screenshot); Giphy (7)