How To Stream 'Switched At Birth' Season 4

This season of Switched At Birth has been pretty tame in terms of property destruction and car accidents, but I'm still looking forward to the continuing adventures of Daphne and Bay when the ABC Family series returns on Monday. Big breakups and romantic declarations are drama enough, and since the summer premiere is titled "Too Repel Ghosts," my interest is piqued. Can you stream Switched At Birth Season 4? We live in an age of mobile viewing and binge watching, so it's good to keep options open — and fitting with a show about such a nontraditional family. Since the series airs seasons in two parts, this is a complicated question, but I can already assure you that there are a lot of ways to watch this show other than the old fashioned television.

For starters, the first 10 episodes of of Season 4, that aired January to March 2015, is already available to stream on Netflix. You can catch up with the switchsters in no time! Plus, if a streaming service like Netflix is your only option for viewing, that's a pretty good guarantee that you won't have to wait too long to see the conclusion of the season. Here are some other ways to stream Switched At Birth.

Head To The ABC Family Site

Unfortunately, the show no longer seems to be available to watch on Hulu, though other ABC Family series, like Pretty Little Liars, are still there. However, once you've watched the first half of Season 4, either as a refresher or for the first time, you can catch new episodes the day after they air on the official ABC Family website. If you do happen to have cable, you can also use your login information to watch live on ABC Family in the same spot.

OnDemand It!

"Wait," you say, "but I do have a television!" That's fine. That's great, even. Streaming is for those with busy schedules too. If you get ABC Family, your cable provider's OnDemand will most likely have new episodes up the next day. It's also worth looking at your cable plan to see if they don't have an app or streaming service of their own — that way you could skip the wait and stream the new episodes live.

Add To Your Library

Of course, if you're into paying small amounts of money for only your most favorite shows, you can buy individual episodes and/or a season pass on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Youtube.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC; Giphy (2); WiffleGif