Jennifer Lawrence & Kris Jenner Are BFF?!

One of the most endearing things about Jennifer Lawrence is the fact that she really is a celebrity that's "just like us". in so many ways. She loves to eat, she loves to laugh, and she's never made her love of the Kardashian family and their popular E! reality show a secret. In fact, back in January, the Hunger Games actress got to meet Kim Kardashian face to face and absolutely lost her mind, which is hilarious and totally how most of us would probably be, so you can only relate, right? But wait a minute — it gets even better. Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner posted a photo of herself in bed with Lawrence on her Instagram page on Saturday night, and it's basically the best thing ever.

While putting both Jenner and Lawrence together might seem like an odd coupling, it actually makes nearly perfect sense. Lawrence turned 25 on August 15, and her photo with Jenner was taken at a belated birthday celebration that OF COURSE the Kardashian/Jenner clans were invited to (though it's unclear who besides Kris turned up from the family). "Happy Birthday you piece of sh*t... God I love you #Jenniferlawrence," Jenner captioned the snap. "Thanks for making this night a night to remember... even if we did get caught... I love you Happy Birthday Gorgeous #Bible #momager #doll." Uh, is this real life?!

The photo of Lawrence and Jenner together has left me with so many unanswered questions that I seriously need answers for ASAP, so hopefully they can help a sister out.

Is Kris Jenner The Only Person Who Can Refer To Jennifer Lawrence As A "Piece Of Sh*t"?

JLaw is pretty badass and doesn't seem to put up with much crap from anyone. The fact that Jenner feels comfortable enough to call her a "piece of sh*t" (lovingly, obviously), plus the fact that Lawrence isn't going to rip her head off over it, clearly signifies a pretty deep bond, right?!

Why Isn't J. Law On Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

I mean, I know Jennifer Lawrence is a serious actress with serious movies on her plate, but I would so not be mad at even a guest appearance. Maybe JLaw can pop by the Jenner compound in Calabasas to talk fashion with Kim or to ask momager advice from Kris? Let's make this happen!

How Does J. Law Get Her Legs So Shiny?

Is it the old baby oil trick, or something new and fancy that only rich and famous people know about? I mean, obviously a seriously close/fresh shave is ingredient numero uno, but I'm so jealous of the shine.

What Book Is Kris "Reading"?

Where is this belated birthday party being held that there's not only a bed, but several books? Is this Jennifer's house? What books are they? I'm so nosy, I can't help it.

Whose Idea Was The Posing For This Photo?

Obviously the implication is that there's some form of funny business going on between Lawrence and Jenner, but who came up with the concept for the photo? My money's on JLaw, but I'm sure Kris has a freaky-deaky side to her, as well, so I suppose I wouldn't be shocked either way.

Why Can't I Walk In Heels?

Seeing J. Law rock those adorable platform heels (I literally know so little about heels that I'm probably calling them by the wrong name) is making me vaguely upset about the fact that I'm 5'10" and couldn't walk in a pair of heels to save my life. Those shoes are so cute!

Where's Kim? Was Khloé There? Kourtney? What's The Deal?

I know the answer is probably not, or else there'd be photo evidence of it, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Images: Kris Jenner/Instagram; Giphy (7)