Remember When John Stamos & Paula Abdul Dated?

Talk about couples you forgot existed! On Saturday, Lifetime's Unauthorized Full House Story reminded us all that John Stamos once dated Paula Abdul. But, if you forgot, don't feel bad. John Stamos has a hard time remembering too! After all, they dated for only a couple of years during the height of Full House 's success in the early '90s. In 2009, Stamos told Ellen DeGeneres all about their brief romance.

It's so funny, because I sort of forgot [about our romance]. She was so adorable, and she was America's sweetheart. I had just started Full House and she was the biggest star in the world. People were literally knocking me down to get to her! We had the time of our lives.

But, while their relationship may not have been the most memorable or the longest, these days the two don't hold any grudges against one another. Although Stamos once said Abdul dedicated her song "Cold Hearted" to him, today they seem to be back to being friends. In May, Stamos posted a pic of the two after they met up again and captioned it, "Cold Hearted Snake and America's sweetheart. Together again and it feels so good." After that, Abdul followed up with her own pic of the two of them, taking Stamos' recent picture and comparing it to one of them back in the day.

No one may remember they dated, but at least they're still on good terms even 20+ years later!