T.Swift & Mary J.'s Collab Was A Long Time Coming

Taylor Swift sings with a lot of people, that's a fact. But, despite the caliber of amazing guests she yanks onto stage with her to either strut their stuff or sing their heart out, no one has compared to her main event this past Saturday Night. To be more specific, Swift collaborated with Mary J. Blige, people totally freaked out, and once you watch the performance, you'll understand that they had every right to do so. The singers' rendition of "Family Affair" and "Doubt" (yes, they did two songs together) was possibly (definitely) the way to world peace.

Maybe it was the element of surprise that made it so special, or maybe it's because it included amazing, time-withstanding songs, or maybe it's because there were two female powerhouses onstage effortlessly meshing two generations of music into one, epic moment. Or, maybe it's just because we're all total fan girls and boys at heart and we can't help but recognize when two tremendous talents are changing our world as we know it. Whatever the case may be, Blige's duet with Swift undoubtedly stood out from the rest. I'll be watching it on loop until someone finally yanks me away from my computer screen.

Here are five ways Taylor Swift's 1989 tour collaborations so far led to this, because really, we all should've been paying way more attention.

1. She Hyped Us Up With New Faves

I mean...

2. She Made Sure To Deliver Some Girl Power

An omen of increasing female star power.

3. She Delivered Beloved Hits

The audience was clearly pleased.

4. She Even Warmed Us Up With Some Modern R&B

More convinced than ever that this was a hint of what was to come.

5. So, Really, It Was All On You If You Didn't See The Signs That Led To This

After all, "Shake It Off" is a similarly empowering anthem to "Family Affair" that tells the haters to stick it... ya know.

Swift and Blige, you have clearly wowed us. You should do it again real soon.