One Direction's Possible Split Has Fans Freaking

It's a sad day, folks. According to The Sun, British boy band One Direction will be breaking up in March 2016 to concentrate on solo projects. 1D fans on Twitter are already freaking out about their favorite band possibly disbanding — and if they're reacting this way now, imagine how bad it'll get if the band confirms the split. Uh oh. The Sun's report also states that the band will not tour to promote their fifth album, which will allegedly be released before Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan say goodbye to each other — for now or forever? Bustle has reached out to the band for comment, but hasn't yet heard back.

Twitter reactions are ranging from freaking out, crying, sadness, grief, sarcasm, skepticism, and celebration. One Direction has always inspired passionate feelings (whether swooning or mocking) in most people and folks are handling this no differently. Like all boy bands, this one seems to be ready to come to an end, but that doesn't appear to be soothing fans. Try to think of it this way, Directioners: when NSync split, we got a lot of great music from Justin Timberlake's very successful solo career, Lance Bass tried to go to outer space, and there was some really interesting EDM music from JC Chasez. So there's a lot of potential for great things to come. But in the meantime, how will One Direction handle their alleged split?

That and so many other questions remain. But right now, I know Twitter's already feeling the pain, the sorrow, and — for some — the elation of One Direction's potential split. Check out the reactions below.

"I Can't Stop Crying"

More Tears

Maybe They'll Be Like Fallout Boy


It's A Celebration

Totally Skeptical

Totally Understanding

Excited About Good Timing

Expressing The Sadness In Memes


Pointing Out Semantics

Much like Ross Geller from Friends .

Outlining The Stages Of Grief

At least they're prepared.

Remembering Worse Breakups

And Being Driven Crazy By The Lack Of Confirmation

No matter what happens, Directioners, just take a deep breath and remember the good times. Like this music video for "Drag Me Down."

Not helping? Sorry. At least we're all in this together.