YouTuber Tanya Burr Has Expanded Her Makeup Line

British YouTuber and makeup artist, Tanya Burr has expanded her popular makeup line to include some fabulous new products, and the Internet is going crazy over it. On Aug. 1, Burr announced on her blog that the line — which originally consisted of false lashes, lip glosses, and nail polishes — would grow to include eye shadow palettes, a brow palette, and a host of new colors to choose from. Now the new products have officially hit the shelves, and, with a legion of subscribers behind her (3.2 million to be exact), I'm sure they'll be pretty quick to sell out.

Like any fabulous beauty guru would do, Burr hosted a fabulous launch party to debut her new products. Styled after her best-selling lipgloss, "Picnic in the Park," Burr hosted a daytime event that included everything from speciality cocktails to a manicure station for her guests. Speaking of guests, the attendees (who were captured in Burr's latest vlog) included some of the Internet's top bloggers. Celebrity makeup artists, Sam and Nic Chapman raved about the new products, while Burr's fiancé and fellow YouTuber, Jim Chapman came to show his support.

Not going to lie, I'm pretty jealous of all these posts from bloggers who've already gotten their hands on the collection.

That has to be the prettiest periwinkle polish I've ever seen.

Are you kidding me with those heart-shaped mirrors?!

An adorable launch indeed.

With all of these famous Internet vloggers flocking to the products, it'll be interesting to see how well these new products compare to her previous items. If they're anything like Burr, I'm sure they'll be the next Internet sensation. If you're loving what you see, you can snag the new products at Superdrug stores,, and