Are Taylor Swift & Scott Eastwood Friends?

I can't even begin to accurately express my excitement for Taylor Swift's upcoming "Wildest Dreams" music video. It's already considered a masterpiece (by me) and all I've seen is a preview clip that involves running zebras. Easily the best song on 1989 (apart from "Out of the Woods" and "Clean," which are also genius), "Wildest Dreams" is one of the sultriest tunes Swift has ever written ("his hands are in my hair / his clothes are in my room") and is heavily speculated to be about Harry Styles. So, if you need someone to play your possibly-but-probably-Harry-Styles-esque love interest in the video, Hottie of the Moment Scott Eastwood is really the obvious choice here, is he not?

Sure, Clint Eastwood's model son (and I mean that literally; he really is a model) doesn't exactly resemble the One Direction singer, but he certainly is easy on the eyes — and the lips, I would assume. (Yeah, I went there.) The "Bad Blood" singer is no stranger to befriending popular models/actors/artists from every genre of music ever (see: her entire 1989 tour), but are Taylor Swift and Scott Eastwood actually friends? As in, were they hanging out before shooting the "Wildest Dreams" music video? Let's investigate.

In a July 2015 interview, Eastwood admitted to straight-up blasting Taylor Swift's music in his car. When asked by Access Hollywood to discuss his "guilty pleasure," the 29-year-old had no qualms about admitting that he loves him some 1989. (Literal same, Scott Eastwood. Literal same.)

"Taylor Swift. In the car. Top of my lungs," Eastwood told the interviewer, explaining that he couldn't pick a fave T. Swift tune because "they're all so good. 'Shake It Off?' I don't know. They're all so good!" (While it would've been some kind of cosmic bliss if he chose "Wildest Dreams," I'll forgive him because that's not really one you can jam out to with the windows rolled down.)

And he's not the only member of his family known to rock out to a Swift song or two. Clint Eastwood — the Big Pops himself — told MTV News in 2009 (2009!) that he's a T. Swift fan as well. Clearly, the director knew what was up way before his son.

"Taylor Swift? I kind of like her," he said at the time. "I have [listened to her music]; I was listening to some the other day. And I think I like her." Back in 2009, the OG Eastwood was probably jamming to some serious Fearless ish. I can totally get on board with that.

While I can't find any evidence that Taylor Swift and Scott Eastwood were actual friends before the vid, you know, apart from the Eastwood family fangirling over the singer, there had to be a mutual respect going on in order for the younger Eastwood to be cast in the video. Swift and Eastwood may not follow each other on Twitter yet (get on that, guys!), but I'm willing to bet they had a blast filming. I mean, Scott Eastwood was obviously in Taylor Swift blissed-out heaven, and Taylor Swift (like any other straight, red-blooded American girl) was probably not unhappy that she got to get a little steamy with her leading man. Plus, T. Swift is all about promoting other artists/models/actors as much as she can, so to invite Eastwood into her squad (and her "Wildest Dreams" music video), well, dude's clearly got it made.

Let the stanning commence.