Amy Poehler Harasses People On The Street In the Name Of Christmas, Everything Is Beautiful

Billy Eichner is my spirit animal. He screams at people on the street about pop culture and gets paid for it, and that is my dream. And sometimes he has Amy Poehler as his sidekick! He is everything I wish I could be. So check out this sneak peak for the upcoming season of Billy On the Street, in which Eichner and Poehler harass passersby to sing Christmas Carols with them.

Eichner and Poehler make a good team. He's some kind of raging Simon Cowell and she's a vaguely confused Paula Abdul. Poehler trails behind Billy, reassuring the participants that they did a nice job, after Billy has screamed at them in their faces. It's like guerrilla American Idol in costume, and it's fantastic.

Poehler quickly learns that there's no room for the polite on the pop culture battlefield, though, and must persevere. She's also as easily distracted by babies as I am, and I feel we should bond over that over coffee sometime (call me, Amy).

Other notable things: The man at 3:42 who has the exact reaction we would upon meeting Amy Poehler, only with less open weeping. I especially like it when they kidnap him.

I will also be saying the phrase "someone here wants a goddamn partridge, I know it!" throughout this entire holiday season. Friends and family, you have been warned.