This Little Girl Meeting A Baby Deer Is Everything

Chances are, if you put a tiny animal and a tiny human in the same situation and then add a camera, I will pretty much be sold on whatever results, every single time. And if the Internet's massive repository of impossibly-cute-baby-meets-impossibly-cute-animal videos are any indication, I am in super good company there. Lucky for all of us then that this week brings with it a new aww-worthy glimpse of a little girl meeting a baby deer for the first time. And if that sentence alone isn't enough to win you over, just you wait...

The clip itself has been steadily making its way around the Interwebs for the last week or so, where it's unsurprisingly gone super viral, thanks to its undeniable cuteness factor. But the video has also set off a wee bit of controversy on Facebook, where some have questioned the safety of the little girl, who appears to be alone as she boldly walks up to the little deer and gives it a few gentle pats on the fur. "It's all cutesie, fun, sweet, innocent until the baby deer does what's natural and wants to play with human baby," warned Terri Kettell Dunegan on CBS News 13's Facebook page. Others, meanwhile, stepped in to quiet the naysayers. "Oh my gosh people, it's a fawn not a freaking bull," said Aimee Birmingham Miller. "Good grief."

In truth, we can probably assume that the girl's parents are just off-camera, and that the deer's gentle nature didn't have them too worried. But regardless, there's no denying this is one super sweet scene either way:

Pretty stinking cute, huh? But if this 15-seconds of adorableness isn't quite enough for you, I've got you covered. Here are six other times cute animals and cute babies made our hearts explode.

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Oh, Internet. Never change.

Image: Martin Unrue/Flickr