Dominate Your Dorm Room Decor With These DIY Tips

You've already loaded up on back-to-school supplies, and now it's time to give your dorm room some love. Unfortunately, between buying your books, paying tuition, and budgeting for other miscellaneous costs, it feels like you've spent approximately one billion dollars — that is where these easy DIY dorm room decorating ideas by come into play. You want your dorm room to have plenty of personality, but you don't want to spend a ton of money. Luckily, it doesn't take much to give those plain old walls a unique makeover, so long as you exercise a little creativity. These super cute, super simple projects will help you transform your tiny, shared room into a cozy home away from home. After all, you're going to be living there for a whole year — you owe it to yourself to create a space that you love.

By: Mady Dahlstrom, Content Editor of

Dorm rooms have a reputation for being bland and boring, with plain walls, simple wood furniture, and not nearly enough space to survive. Spin up your own style this semester by filling your dorm room with colorful DIYs and decor. From banners and magnets, to clocks and shoe racks, take a look at these 10 DIY dorm room decorating ideas that will instantly add some serious personality to your dorm room.

1. Washi Tape Geometric Door

Crab and Fish

Dress up your door with pretty patterns, or your favorite colors by decking it out in washi tape.

2. Laundry Bag

Design Love Fest

Even your laundry bag deserves to be stylish in your dorm room. See how you can create this cute polka-dotted laundry bag by following the tutorial, here.

3. Gold Geometric Bookends

A Bubbly Life

Don’t hide your books under your bed or in a corner — show them off by DIYing these gold geometric bookends.

4. Vinyl Record Clock

DIY Huntress

Calling all music majors! This DIY vinyl record clock is the perfect addition for your dorm room.

5. Gold Triangle Garland

Almost Makes Perfect

Make a statement with a simple decor item, like this DIY gold triangle garland.

6. Space Saving Shoe Rack

A Piece Of Rainbow

Finding storage space can be tough to do in a cramped dorm room. DIY this space saving shoe rack that could easily fit under your lofted bed.

7. Geo Wood Magnets

Tell Love and Chocolate

Give your mini fridge a quick makeover with these cute geo wood magnets!

8. Washi Tape Desk

A Girl and a Glue Gun

Simply stick on a strip of washi tape to the edge of your desk to add a bit of decor to your dorm room.

9. Painted Pouf

Claire Zinnecker via Camille Styles

Extra seating can be hard to come by in dorm rooms. DIY this painted pouf so that your friends have a place to sit, other than your bed.

10. Fabric Bookcase Back

A Prudent Life

Fill the back of your bookcase, desk, or closet with fabric by following this easy tutorial.

Which DIY are you going to try first when decorating your dorm room? Let us know!

Top Image Credit: A Prudent Life

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