Roommates Try To Drink Like They Did In College

Ah, the good old days. Filling your body with toxins, grabbing maybe an hour's sleep in a dusty alcove of the library, then writing a dissertation on Chaucer using vaguely remembered examples of his work while simultaneously trying to get last night’s four hour long party mix out of your head. Elite Daily posted a video showing some former college roommates playing drinking games they used to play in college, and it was ... not exactly like those "good old days" anymore.

College is a special time when we are so excited to be out of the house and pseudo-self-sufficient our bodies go out of their way to accommodate our, er, more hedonistic urges. Beer funnel? Sure. Mixing? Bring it. What is this? You know what, never mind, I’m already drinking it. Yet while we were living like Romans mourning our lost civilization of excess, extremes, and fabulous headwear, our bodies were carefully taking note, and uttering an oath that one day one day soon we’d be sorry.

For these graduates, that day has come. The results? Well, see for yourself. Then, if you’re still in college, maybe take a day to eat oatmeal, abstain from imbibing, and attend a yoga class. Who are you kidding? You’ll probably be going to that '90s party on the south side of campus — it’s supposed to be poppin’. Then you can come back and make fun of these poor humans:

While Some Still Have That Flip-Cup Swagger

Still on top, b*tches!

Others... Do Not.

Walk it off, champ. There's always next year.

At Least They Still Have The Love And Support Of Their Roommates

"Becky, I'm gonna need you to hold my sweet new bob while I puke, K?"

The Realization That You're Not In College Anymore Hits Hard

They learned a lot and grew as people.

While Your Body May Have Betrayed You, Your Friends Will Always Be There

Even if they're, you know, not super helpful.

So if you're in college right now — enjoy! You're gonna live forever! If you've left college, well, my grandma has a good hangover recipe involving raw eggs and kale you could try.

See the full video here:

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