Leon Walker Is Taking Over 'Below Deck's Kitchen

Confession: I've never sailed on a multi-million dollar yacht. I'm not sure I've even seen a multi-million dollar yacht, even from afar. So I have no idea if working on one, in close quarters and unable to escape any coworkers by going home at the end of the night, is worth the workplace claustrophobia. That's something the stars of Bravo's Below Deck have firsthand experience with, though. The show returns to Bravo for its third season on Aug. 25 at 9 p.m., with some old vets and some newer employees climbing aboard. So, who is Below Deck star Leon Walker, one of the crew members on board for Season 3?

Walker is the new chef cooking up meals aboard the Eros. To me, that's a really tough gig; ship kitchens are small, and it's not like you can just run out to the farmers' market if you're spending the day at sea. And yet, the charter clients are definitely not going to be happy with any old hot meal. Does Walker have the chops to cut it aboard the mega-yacht? Here are some things to know about him, and what to expect from him this season on Below Deck.

He Has His Own Restaurant & Food Business

According to his Bravo bio, Walker is of English and Jamaican descent, so of course his food businesses are in Australia. What? I feel like England and Jamaica have such rich food traditions, but if Australia is where he decided to plant his culinary roots, so be it. There, he was the founder and head chef of a three-pronged food empire: Wink II Restaurant, Wink Cafe, and Wink Catering. How the diners of Cairns, Australia differ from the ones on the boat remain to be seen.

He's Cooked On The High Seas Before

Just because Walker has rooted-in-the-ground restaurants in Australia doesn't mean he doesn't have experience in ships' kitchens. In fact, that's where he got his start — and a grand one at that. According to Bravo, at age 18 he was invited to cook on the Queen Elizabeth on a transatlantic crossing.

He's Single

His Bravo bio reveals his relationship status, which can be a recipe for mischief on a seafaring reality show. But Walker can't get into too much trouble, he has two daughters waiting for him on shore.

He Doesn't Get Along With Kate Chastain

Chastain is a powerful enemy; not only is she a returning castmember, so the audiences' sympathies are more likely to reside with her, but I'm pretty sure that as chief stew she has seniority. Still, when she calls him lazy in the video above, he doesn't take it lying down.

This May Be His Signature Dish

I hope the hoity-toity clients likes beef cheeks, because it seems like that's Walker's favorite thing to cook. Or is that just Bravo editing at work? It seems pretty churlish for the Below Deck crew to get sick of four-star dishes, but I guess it's possible. I'll trade them their beef cheeks for my mac and cheese any day.

He Kinda Looks Like Vin Diesel

Right? I'm just saying, if they want to make Dom a high-end yacht chef in the next Fast and Furious movie, I think there's a stand-in right here.

Images: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo (2)