Johnny Depp's Quirky Character Evolution: Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands & More

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Johnny Depp is one weird dude. And he's even weirder in the roles that he takes on. From a man with scissors for hands to a dreadlocked pirate with a penchant for eyeliner, Depp is never afraid to stray away from hours in the makeup chair. But in his latest role, Transcendence , Depp appears oddly... well, normal. Check out the photos here. The film hits theatres on April 14 of next year, and is about a scientist (Depp) who is attempting to create a robot/machine that is smarter and more emotionally capable than any living human. So it's a sci fi flick, and apparently Depp needs no extra makeup or hair pieces to pull off the role. Yet this is rarely the case. To celebrate one of Hollywood's quirkiest actors, let's take a look back at Depp's crazy character evolution.

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