National Dog Day Is Here! 7 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Humans

Hello, my fellow puppy lovers. August 26 is National Dog Day, and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate our furry friends. Forget what you've heard about diamonds — dogs are a girl's real best friend. When I got my American Eskimo dog, Grits Carlton (yep, that's his full name), I was so nervous about the process of training and caring for him. But after a few rough months of potty training, obedience classes, and puppy teething, I realized that I'd been changed. I found myself blowing off meaningless social events to hang out with my fur baby, because I was starting to like him more than most humans.

Judge all you want, but I have my reasons for being a crazy dog lady. Grits and I do so much together. Unlike a boyfriend, he never complains when we run errands. We go hiking together and browse the farmer's market every Saturday. He makes good days better, and bad days easier, with his wagging tail and his little smile.

Life can be rough sometimes, and humans can really suck. (Seriously, watch the news. You NEVER hear about dogs shooting people or locking their babies in hot cars.) Most dogs just want to play with a Frisbee or cuddle the heck out of you. Here are seven reasons dogs are better than humans.

1. They're Always Standing By With Sloppy Kisses

Because isn't puppy breath the absolute best?

2. They're Always Down For A Road Trip

Snack sharing is totally optional.

3. They Keep You Moving

From dog-jogging to playing fetch with your fur babies, you are going to be doing a lot more running around when you've got a pup by your side.

4. They Have Special Healing Effects

Studies have shown that dogs are natural healers, and that we feel calmer in their presence. Can you say the same about humans?

5. They're The Best Listeners

I've vented to my pup more times than I care to admit. And unlike humans, he's incapable of judgement or giving unsolicited advice.

6. They're Cuddling Champs

Oh, your boyfriend wanted half of the bed? That's cute.

7. They're Always Down To Party

I swear that dogs never have bad days — and it's really hard to be in a bad mood when your pup is grinning back at you.

Images: Jaime Ritter; Giphy (7)