How To Manage Your Facebook Legacy After You Die

According to BuzzFeed, you can't decide how you're going to die in real life, but you can decide how you want to "die" online. Well, I guess the former part of that statement isn't just according to BuzzFeed, it's according to fate/the inevitability and unknowability of the future, but you catch my drift. The video asks BuzzFeed workers how they feel about their digital legacy; namely, if they died tomorrow, how they would feel about the last post on their social media. Given that one woman's is her talking about pubes, another's is from a cheese/hat party (bring cheese, wear a hat), and the man's is a picture of Lenny Kravitz's wang, it's unsurprising that they were all withholding of gushing pride.

But all is not lost! It is possible to leave a digital footprint of your choosing once you've passed in real life, so that the last thing people remember of you doesn't have to be celebrity genitalia. With careful planning and forethought, you can set up your social media in such a way as to ensure that when you're dead and gone, people will remember the best of you, and not the you that posted d*ck pics with glee. Here's how:

1. Give Your Passwords To A Reliable Friend

So they can take over and edit your social media accordingly. Facebook has an option where you can allocate access rather than have to give out your password.

2. Use Sites Designed Specifically For Post Mortem Social Media

You can use sites to store your passwords, revealing them to a loved one only after your passing. Or you can schedule social media posts so you can keep Tweeting from beyond the grave (creepy).

3. Make Decisions About The Future Of Your Social Media

For instance, you can have your Facebook self destruct, or it can become a memorialized page.

4. Plan A Last Message

Think about what you want your last words to the world to be. Try to make it more poignant than "Fart", which is all I could come up with on the spot.

Watch the full advice video below:

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