9 Serena Van Der Woodsen Styles To Try This Fall Because Fashion Is Bringing Preppy Back

If Pretty Little Liars is the show to watch for on-trend fashion, the CW series Gossip Girl is television’s playbook to preppy. According to Harper’s Bazaar, this season designers are bringing preppy back, which means taking style cues from Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf could be in your best interest.

OK, so I was that girl who dedicated the first two months of her senior year of high school to mastering Blair’s vintage dress and headband combo. Let it be known, however, that I was successful, until I got lazy. These days I work from the comfort of my home dressed in sweats and t-shirts, but once I noticed the show’s fashion was resurfacing, my attention, and bank account, swayed towards Serena’s style.

What draws me to prep school attire is how pristine it all looks. Stereotypically, the term “preppy” triggers a strong image of men in polo sweaters reeking of Abercrombie cologne and women dressed in tennis skirts accessorizing with neck pearls. Gossip Girl, and former Sex and the City stylist Eric Daman broke that mold through his Upper East side dolls on the series, proving that preppy chic is only as cut and dry as you make it.

Blair, Leighton Meester's character, embodies the traditional preppy woman, wearing vintage-inspired ensembles and accessorizing with pieces like headbands and Mary Jane heels. Blake Lively's Serena van der Woodsen, on the other hand, is preppy with a twist, adding hints of modern trends and bohemian styles. Trends are only mainstream if you follow lookbooks to a tee. In reality, they are there to inspire individuals to mold a certain style and make it their own.

This fall, preppy is in and I couldn't be more excited to make my first knee-sock and varsity sweater purchase. Giving my alter ego, Jlair (yes Julia + Blair) a rest, I'll be dabbling in Serena styles by combining her preppy nature with my comfy chic.

Check out my nine Serena van der Woodsen styles to try this fall below.

1. Pattern Pants Are Always A Good Idea

Plaid, leopard, striped, polka dots - whatever it may be, embrace the patterned bottoms.

2. A Pop Of Color Goes A Long Way

Serena's dress and rings are cool tones, while her hot pink blazer brings character to the ensemble.

3. Show Subtle Skin

Showing some skin doesn't always mean cleavage or tons of leg. A subtle way to reveal a little more would be through little slits, as seen above in Serena's sweater.

4. Shorts, Tights, And Everything Nice

Shorts are not reserved for the warm-weather seasons. Pair with thick tights and shoes with the slightest heel and you are good to go. Also take note that Serena's shorts, shirt, tie, and blazer are all plaid, but do not match to a tee. Throwing together pieces with the same pattern but different shades of color create contrast. Trust me, it just works.

5. Draw Inspiration From Decades Past

Bell bottoms are so sixties, and that hat could date back to the rat pack. Do some digging and draw style inspo from years past. Better yet, take a dive through your mother's old wardrobe. Sometimes history repeats itself for the better, my friends.

6. Knee Highs and Neck Ties

In prep school tradition, keep your socks high and your neck tied. Bonus: you'll end up looking like a sexy school girl.

7. Mix and Match

Kind of like in grade school - OK and in desperate college times — when you'd throw on two socks from separate pairs, only this time you're doing it on purpose. A denim jacket and sequined skirt? You wouldn't think so, but it's quite genius.

8. Life's Short, Wear The Heels

...pretty much all the time. Serena caught without a pair of stilettos was a rarity. I know you're cringing at the screen right now, but really, someday it will come in handy to know how to walk in heels in any given situation.

9. Accessorize Practically

Because who wants to get stuck walking around Manhattan with an umbrella that clashes with our floral mini?

Images: Alloy Entertainment (9)